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Hi Everyone, just want to know. Can you not apply for Dla if you can walk. I can some days cant others, just depends how bad i am. I cant use my hands much they are very weak, i have very bad wrist pain and these are on the good days. On the bad days i cant move, get out of bed do anything. I work as a Nursery Nurse and love my job but since returning to work in Setember after maternity leave, i have hardly been there. it is now getting to the point that nobody from work messages me anymore it's like they don't believe me. I cant go back while i am so poorly and just wondered what my options are. Got diagnosed with Lupus 17 years ago and this is the worst flare up i have had lately, got Diagnosed with Hughes on Wednesday :(

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I have been off work for nearly 8 months now with know sight into getting back to work anytime soon either I am a TA in a primary school and miss it terribly. I tried to see what benefits I could get also and was told that as i had managed to get to CA then I wouldn't be elegible for anything, didn't matter that I was using a walking aid, my husband had brought me and i had just been to hospital to have a biopsy!!!! My lupus is slowing everything about my life for my decision to go on holiday to can I walk my dog today, so I feel for you and I am only just newly diagnosed. Keep strong, thinking of you.

Hiya amandamummy,

Most def you can apply for DLA ...i have similar symptoms to you and after a 6 month battle of appeals i was awarded middle rate care & higher rate mobility. Mu husband used to be an IT Manager but had to stop work to care for me and our 3 children under 6! Lupus was never part of the plan ... none of us asked for this and the ignorance of the system does not allow for a "lupus perspective" ! I have just started the battle to have my new award challenged - lower rate mobility and care - laughable because i'm worse now than i was last time. The advice seems to be (& i found this out too late ) to go to citizens advice bureau as they have people trained to help fill out these forms correctly! Also you are meant to complete it using your worst day.

I hope this helps, best of luck Ellie xXx

Yes I went to the C.A.B. they helped me fill the appeal forms in and went to the appeal panel

meeting. I was one of my 'Better' days, but I was open and honest with them and I won my award. THEY thanked Me for being honest and not trying to make out that I was ill every day.

I was lucky as one of the doctors on the panel knew about Lupus and one of the others was in a wheelchair. He even asked me if I had any tips for him when I said it was frustrating to try and pick up the tiny meds when your fingers don't work (I wet my finger and then press hard on the pill and it sticks long enough to get it in your mouth) He thought that was great and he asked if he could put that in a magazine that he ran.

RE - the walking - it was if you can NOT walk more than 50yds without having to rest because of the pain.

Like I said I was lucky with the panel that I had. Good luck to all. Be honest with your CAB specialist and the panel. xxx

Hi Ya Amandamummy,

I have had lupus for over 20 years i have hughs syndrome also known as (anti phosolipids)

stick blood, i have had over 18 clots in my legs and 4 in lungs i had to stop work over 18 years ago i was awarded high rate mobility mid rate care, But have had to battle for every time it came up to renew and it becomes frustrating,But last may i was awarded indefenitly

but it changes to pip from April 8th so everyone will have to re apply again dreaded forms, but you must apply you will be sent pip forms but try to included as much medical evidence as possible.And as stated above you must fill it out on your worst days .

Hope this helps take care and good luck, but do not give up if you get declined the first time you can appeal. xx

you can apply for dla, but your assessment will be for the new PIP.

and its unlikely you will get mobility.

im like you weak and hands and difficulty walking now.

Hi, just to let you know that it was the supporting letter/report from my rheumy that secured my award, without that i'm certain I wouldn't have got anywhere. I was awarded the higher rate mobility as the rheumy told them that on my worst days I cannot get out of bed let alone walk 50m. Low and behold, the award notification detailed how I was awarded as I'm 'virtually unable' to walk.

So get as much supporting evidence as poss, and all the best to you


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