Now the productive tickly cough syndrome !!!

Ok first of all I have totally had enough with the bloody colds and thier crap symptoms to top it all of. Now I have a very productive cough thats tickly to put off and very dry and sore making my throat no more better its to the point that I will cough and cough before I heave and its like my dinner is going to come up I am on clarithromycin the antibiotic this was to help shift my cold now I have this productive cough thats getting me so down iv literally had enough with this stupid infections getting inside me and fighting a losing battle with my already battered and bruised immune system that wont work for any infections I just need to have this rant cause I must be keeping up the household and the neighbourhood with the barking dog syndrome im taking benylin chesty cough fat chance it will make a difference but any medicine to the eye makes me think it will help lol lets hope the antibiotics can help me out with the cough lol thanks for listening to my bloody rant I have a new job on monday so not a great start


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10 Replies

  • I do really feel for you. This time last year I had a cough that almost made me vomit, made my whole chest ache and left me exhausted. It seemed to last for ages. In desperation my GP gave me antibiotics to try to shift it; it didn't go completely but did improve. Eventually I was referred to an ENT specialist who said that it was a combination of a cough connected with a virulent virus I had suffered previously, together with GORD (gastro esophageal reflux disorder) - also known as GERD. He gave me some medication and the cough did improve to the extent where I now just do a sort of 'clearing of my throat' type cough. I know just how debilitating this can be. To get by, I used to suck sugar free sweets constantly to try and avoid a major coughing session. Good luck with your new job tomorrow!


  • Hi Valbesixties

    Just want to say my Mum has had the same virus last as you have and been plagued by the cough and throat clearing!. She's been prescribed Codeine Linctus and 2 doses have cleared her symptoms. She'd been struggling for nearly a year with it. Hope you improve. X

  • Its one of the annoying things really I think it annoys others mostly ita amazing no one has complained to me yet il try the sugar free sweets thing my mum said that but wasnt sure if it will help in any way hut anything to stop the coughing fits I have. Thanks for the luck on the job il be cough coughing all day lets hope no one dont mind lol.

  • Hi, re. misty 14's reply, a few years ago I also had troublesome cough and codeine linctus (a few doses) also sorted me . Hope this helps!

  • Thats the pholcodiene brand right I swear when my doctor give it the first time it felt as though it was working I just dont no the best place to buy it over the counter

  • I bought Strepsils to cope with a tickly cough as my throat gets irritated for no apparent reason sometimes. It started long before I was diagnosed with anything and it nearly drove me mad. When eventually I got a diagnosis of mild SLE and later on Sjogrens it improved with treatment.

    I do believe a steroid spray I was prescribed for asthma aggravated it as well. Once I stopped using that it improved a lot. I came down with the winter virus last year and it took around a month for the cough to go away. I know how tiring it can be. Sugar free throat lozenges have helped me, would recommend those. It doesn't sound like the raspberry supplement is helping, I think you should talk to your doctor about that

  • Hi, you can get pholcodeine linctus from most pharmacies although it's a lower dose higher doses are script only. X

  • I found that a nice curry, works wonders for cold etc, does not have to be really hot, just containing Turmeric and Ginger, both are really good for cold.

  • I had a cough like that for about three months's must be our immune system , however it did eventually up....

  • Have u tried drinking warm honey n lemon tea??? And spoonful of honey?? vit c tablets 1000mg ul b fine by monday

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