Chesty cough/cold for 5 days. When to seek medical advice?

I have sle. ( On mycophenolate and hydroxychloroquine. Had steroid injection 2 weeks ago.) Started a cough and cold on boxing day. Cough really productive and feeling exhausted. No temperature though. I think its probably just a viral thing but, when to see a doctor?? If I didn't have lupus I would just sit it out.

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  • Hi Jo 100

    I also have SLE and Reynalds I have had a cough and cold for 8 weeks now the GP did give me a course of antibotics which did help a bit but they can not give me another dose as they say it is a viral infection and it has to go by it self you could go to the gp to get checked out to give yourself peace of mind, Hope you feel better soon. xx

  • Thanks for that. I think I'll sit it out a bit longer.

  • I had a chest infection before Christmas. I had it a week before I went to the doctors. My cough was dry and I was coughing so hard I pulled a few muscles in my stomach. I had a temp when I saw the GP so he gave me antibiotics. They did help but I am left with a nagging cold. I guess your GP should know when you need help. I hope you feel better soon.

  • I too had a bad cold from 14 Dec which just would not relent. Each day was a little worse than the one before. On 23 Dec, I awoke with a much higher temp so phoned the Surgery at 10 am for telephone advice. By 10.15 am, I was in the waiting room and by midday I was in X ray at the local hosp. Pneumonia as it happened but such quick action stopped it in its tracks. It's been very unpleasant, I am still coughing well and have ripped my muscles to shreds but the actual infection is no longer a threat thanks to my amazing GP. My advice: listen to your instincts and if you feel uneasy about how your body is dealing with things, pick up the phone.

    I hope you are soon feeling much better. C

  • Go to the docs! I had a steroid injection 2 weeks ago and started a cold Christmas day. I'm now on Second lot of antibiotics and 40mg prednisolone and a mega asthma attack! With SLE you can't take the risk of sitting it out.

  • My friend had this - a healthy man, was off work for a week feeling really horrible and after 3 weeks now, he is still coughing. I got it as well, I felt unwell for a few days before the cough started (I usually do), then got the dry cough and a cold, I felt very weak as well. After about 4 days, the cough got quite loose. I feel much better now, although still coughing. I think that this dry cough is something going round at the moment wherever you live, but complications such pneumonia can happen too.

  • When I start feeling bad, I take vit c and zinc daily. Don't know if that will help you.

    Also, I know it sounds crazy, but a nutritionist told me to take colostrum. (Cows) colostrum boosts immuntiy mildly and naturally. I was not nursed as a baby, my mom gave us crappy milk. feel better

  • I have had a cough since Sept and are now on my 3rd set of antibiotics . I have had a chest x ray and am now waiting for a ct scan. Go to your GP and get it checked out I wish I had been more persistent.

  • Hi Jo100 and I hope you are feeling better. If not, and you are still coughing, please do go to your GP asap. I'm also an SLE patient (with renal involvement) and two years ago I had a bad cough and felt like I had flu symptoms too. I didn't do anything and I landed up spending 2 weeks in hospital with pneumonia! It was awful, so don't leave anything like this. I'm sure your gp won't mind you going to see them, especially if you are a Lupus patient.

  • Thanks everyone for your advice. I sat it out and started to feel better on monday. :) still nasty cough but feeling well. I know only too well how quickly pnemonia takes hold. My little sister died of it 7 years ago age 27. I am much more mindful of my health these days. Keep well peeps! X

  • hi jo100. my advice would be to see your gp. as you have sle its best to get checked out. you knwo that your immune system doesnt work like people who dont have this problem its a nasty desease and anything can happen ok best wishes.

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