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whooping cough and flu like symptoms

Two weeks ago i came down with a cough and fever, the doctor said that it would either be whooping cough or bacterial infection. I was given antibitoics which gave me awful side effects that were causing me to vomit. I was then told to try a different type, I am still on them and i have 3 days left of the treatment. However i have seen no diffrence in my symptoms, I have an extremely blocked nose which is give me very bad temple headaches, i have had a fever for almost three weeks. This is my first infection since being diagnosed with lupus, is it normal for a lupus patient to have long periods of infection?

Im extremely fed up :( sleepless nights,no appetite and i cant even concentrate when first exam is tuesday *cries* i have never felt this ill :(

any advice help on what i should do?:(

sorry for my rant, but im desperate if anyone has any remedies as such.

thank you very much x

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First get a medical certificate/letter from your doctor so that your health can be taken into account when your exams are marked. If you are too ill to take them - then don't (I know this is radical - but really your health is more important, even though we are not often put in situations where we have to choose like this).

Olbas oil for blocked noses. If you could sleep it might help a little bit.

Good luck!


thank you for your advice, i sat my exam! i also handed a medical note to be on the safe side.

i used olbas oil all week, i kept in burning during the evening and it really worked miracles. so thank you!

thanks again!


Sorry you're going through this: no fun especially when you're under pressure re exams

It's good your dr is trying a diff sort of antibiotics: I am predisposed to any infection going, and have found diff manufacturers can make the same antibiotic using diff fillers along with the active ingredient, so if one make disagrees with you, a good gp or pharmacy will let you try another make. Also, usually there are several diff antibiotics that can be Rx for a specific type of infection. I've had to be on oral antibiotics long term 5 months), and found all this out meanwhile.

Yes, it's tough when they make you feel sick and affect your're probably experimenting with simple stuff like toast: that's what i usually end up on, or good oatcakes. Also I learned to avoid dairy when taking antibiotics (if there is a form of dairy you really need, say yogurt, then allow 1-2 hrs before and after taking you capsul)

Last time I had a sinus infection my rheumy & ENT told me to get neilmed sinurinse: it is grrrrreat for us: check it out on mason, or at your local chemist. You have to get the hng of uing the squeeze bottle, but it really helps. Anyway, think about it. I'd tried everything available over the counter inc olbas oil, but the neilmed products worked for me a million times better. Although oil as is good when my ymptoms are less extreme. Be cautious about nasal spray use: I have resorted to them when in huge trouble, but ENT really recommends only v short term use if at all, and be cautious if find yourself tempted to use them at regular intervals

Hope that helps a bit: I totally agree with magpies re how to postpone your exams if poss. If your hospital has a specialist lupus nurse, might be a good idea to give her/him a ring and ask your questions about infections: could give you much needed piece of mind. Every lupus patient is different and should be considered individually, but in my experience infections can set in for long periods and I've learned to keep calm, carry on and ask around for advice the way you have here: that's the way to do it!

Take care


Ps sorry about typos: no excuse but my tablet is trying to be helpful! I need to proof more carefully before I push the submit tab....

Eg, Amazon, not mason

Although olbas oil is good when my symptoms are...

MaggieS not magpies



thank you for your advice. i am definitely going to search for the nelimed sinurinse!! i stayed away from nasal sprays this time around, i just stuck to vicks and olbas oil.

I am feeling much better still have the blocked sinuses but not as bad!!!

Me being me well i went and sat my exam, i provided them with a medical note to be on the safe side.

I have been in contact with my nurse, and she strongly suggested to have the flu jab this winter to avoid any severe infections, so hopefully will be getting that this week. thanks for advising me to get into contact with them!

thanks again for your help, really appreciate it!

take care and best wishes.


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