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pip waiting times i have spinal stenosis and degenerative arthritis i applied for pip in july 2013 filled out the forms in aug didnt get atos home visit until march the 5th with a ladie who seemed nice but i herd thats all put on got a letter from dwp on the 16th of april saying they have all they need to make a decision but as of today still herd nothing does it really take so long if i get turned down iam not going to bother with appeal as i carn put up with the hassle ive got a ot officer who has arranged for me to have some hand rails fitted and got me the orange disabled card and registered with local council she said what i have wrong with me is more than enough to be awared pip and if i do get turned down to carrie on fighting for it but it has taken over 10 months just to get this far has anybody else been told they have all the info but waited longer than 5 weeks for a decision i dont have any fight left in me its bad enough trying to get through each day without taken on the dwp sorry about the rant just needed to get it of my chest

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  • I applied oct 10th 2013 and have just received my decision last week since Atos took over it a nightmare the waiting times hope u sorted soon

  • Hi debby197, were you awarded it??? It would help to know if you were successful... I have not even started applying, just can't face the forms, but if the outcome is success then maybe it will be worth it?

  • I got my local welfare right to help me fill the forms in ,the Atos face to face assessment wasn't as bad i though was going to be and my outcome was enhanced rater worth applying good luck with yours x

  • I have just applied not much to look forward to if anything like trying to get sea

  • I would keep fighting if I were you....as you have said the ot officer thinks you should get it, and am sure that they should know.

  • what is pip

  • Hi Spanish eyes

    PIP is Personal Independence Payment, the replacement benefit for Diisability Living Allowance.

  • Hi jakethemus

    I'm afraid the delay for PIP decisions is huge , they're doing it purposely. You should hear anytime now as you've had your assessment. If you don't get it and you should with your health problems ask your local Citizen's Advice Bureau for help as they would help you with an appeal. Take all paperwork with you . All the best.

  • thank you misty14 feel different today your right if iam turned down i will contact Citizen's Advice Bureau

    going to take them all the way

  • Hi all

    When u ring the number to make enquiries it is saying that decision timescales are at 26 weeks. All I can say is yes 26 weeks and the rest!! I received a decision after 32 weeks so I was fortunate I suppose for that but I asked for a reconsideration for the mobility component in January still waiting its almost a year since I first applied. By time they come to a decision I will have to reapply as only awarded for 2 years. I think they try to make it as difficult as possible for people to apply - which isnt fair - we didnt ask to be sick and in constant pain. I wonder how the despicable Mr Iain Duncan-Smith would cope with the stress and timescales if he was ill??

    Chin up keeping fighting love we are all behind you

    Lupie hugs

    Esky xx

  • started my claim August 2013 had my face to face 5 November finaly got my award two weeks ago was backdated to August but was a night mare followed the your able forum there loads on there about benifits and some very helpful links x

  • Mine took 30 weeks for enhanced for care side but nothing for mobility so ive sent them results from my last xray which say thinning of catlige in both knees also extra bone growth and hardning in both my knees causing pain when i walk x

  • You really have to chase them I'm afraid. When I initially did my application I set a reminder in the calender on my phone to call them every two weeks

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