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Help needed please... Esa Claim or JSA?

Hi ...Ive just received a reminder for another doctors "fit" note or letter. My ESA50 is meant to be in by the 13th November but my first rheumatologist appointment is on the 19th and am having an MRI done next week ... I have no back up evidence with my systemic symptoms yet ... Ive got my diagnosis letter from the Dermatologist proving i have Discoid Lupus Erythematosus and photosensitivity and she has started treating me with Iron tablets, Quinoric and now steroids due to inflammation and eyelid drooping/dry throat and muscle spasms... however she has no experience on the systemic side and she referred me to the Rheuma along with the Physiotherapist for an MRI ... My fit note stated "unfit for work" and GP ticked "will not need to assess your fitness for work again at the end of this period" (what does that mean?) He also has put me on Painkillers, Amitriptyline, Colofac and Ibuprofen Gel (cant take tablets) .. so do I sign on JSA until I see the Rheuma? or go back and talk to my GP ( cant see him till next week) which will be late to send in another fit note.... Im fed up because they dont give you time to sort anything out at the DWP ... Looks like ive either got to go with what evidence I have, with a late fit note or sign on JSA ... :( -x- Can anyone help .. please xxx

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On the back of the form there is a section where it says if you are handing it in late say why. It is best to go with all the evidence and if possible a letter from your rhema.


You will need as much evidence as possible , and get your GP to do a covering letter.

Good Luck x


Insist on seeing your doctor, or ask for a telephone consultation. Explain what has happened, your GP should then give you a sick paper. Hang on in there, don't feel intimidated by your work. If you are not well do not go back until you are fit! Your health is more important. Check the guidelines on the Equality Act 2010, you should be protected under this policy. Take care and get better. X


Hi everyone, just an update on everything ... Ive now signed on JSA as I want the evidence from the Rheumatologist as well .. Ive been asked to provide blood for him to check my ESR, CPR and Creatine Kinase ... Ive also been suffering with something like Fibromyalgia, GP had put my Tramadol as other painkillers are not effective .. I had my ESR done months ago and showed up normal .. Ive also been feeling like my normal self in the morning, yet I deteriorate by aboyt 1pm :( Lots of things going on in my head right now ... especially waking up in morning thinking .. "Must be exaggerating .. maybe Im thinking it all up" ... but then I feel terrible later on ... Just so mixed up because I just dont know whats going on .. its all happened so fast (this yr) GP is now passing me over to the Rheuma ... Have my MRI tomorrow so hoping that will show something going on ...

The DWP advisor said cant your GP sign you off? (I did look a state as usual) but I told her about ATOS wanting their form back so quickly ... so now Im hunting for jobs I can do at home ... at least I can keep it up if Im unwell enough to go out ... Im also taking up a course in Counselling online ... changing career paths again .. but I wont give up trying :) Hope your all coping ... often wonder about others going through the mill ... tc -x-


Your GP ticking the "will not need to assess your fitness for work again at the end of this period" box means that if you have not improved then he will just extend the sick note without having to see you again - you can ask them to do this by phone (receptionist will as the GP to do it) then you can collect it. I also think you should try and get the ATOS form done - if it's late and you have a sick note they will usually understand that. It's really hard to send everything in on time.


Hi lellielesley ... thank you for replying xxx

Im sure the JC staff think im crazy.. but I want to be sure what is wrong with me and whether they can get a management plan together so I can work ... at the moment I have been diagnosed with Discoid Lupus and Photosensitivity (solid evidence)

However the other symptoms are still being investigated .. Knee problems (collapsed at work) now knees are painful, inflammation and locking and shaking when going down stairs/steps. Ive had drooping eyelids, muscle spasms on neck and under eye .. prescribed steroids. But now Ive finished them its coming back :( Inflammation on rib cage, pulsating sharp pain along spine, inflammation from lower back to hips. And sore tender muscles I cant touch, ive no strength ... tired, suffer fevers and migraine, IBS, protruding stomach and dizzy spells.. Mouth, viginal & nasal ulcers ..So all symptoms need to be diagnosed :( gP wont diagnose me ... just says not long and I'll see th Rheuma :/ -x-


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