Pain under right Rib area? Gallbladder?

Ive been diagnosed with Discoid Lupus Erythematosus , Fibromyalgia, Sicca Syndrome, Arthritis, Spondylosis , Alopecia with loss of eyelashes and eyebrows and now I have terrible pain in the right rib area, diarrhoea (yellowy) nausea, Chronic acid reflux and terrible flatulence, ive also felt a lump there too ... Ive seen the Rheumatologist and he has asked for a scan .. now I wait in pain, unable to eat properly :( My meds are not working as I am constantly on the loo ... Ive now broken out in lesions over my face, neck and chest ... I cant stand this much longer .. And on top of it all I have prickly heat back ... I take my tablets but they are not working :( No creams have helped .. I believe my Rheuma thinks its my Gallbladder? ive heart problems to that have progressed since last year ... Ive stayed out of the sun as Im photosensitive (as I know its a trigger) I feel like crap and to top it its the Summer Hols and my poor 6 yr old is stuck in with me being poorly :( Right now I feel a failure ... I could scream! :(


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12 Replies

  • You poor thing... Do you have anyone to look after your little one? Get yourself to hospital... They must be able to help... They may admit you but they will hopefully get you feeling much better. Good luck. Xxx

  • Hi Kellyleg,

    My brother takes my littlen out now and again, I cant afford to go in Hospital .. I know if the pain gets unbearable I will have to ... I suppose Im used to fighting through everything ... I can just manage but yes if it gets any worse I will go to A & E ... Just so fed up with all these new symptoms seems its continuously being added to .. one after the other -x-

  • Hi...... Am really feeling for you, it must be awful to have a little one to look after when you are feeling so poorly, I was very lucky in that my children were grown by the time my condition worsened.

    Can I ask you what meds you are on? And are you having your bloods taken on a regular basis?

    Hope you begin to feel a bit better soon. x

  • Hello bam1993

    Im on Hydroxychloroquine twice a day, Gabapentin x 3 a day Duloxetine x 1 a day, Fexofenadine x 2 a day, Amitriptyline x 2-3 at night then Colofac (IBS) Codeine/Paracetamol for pain relief ... I cant take Ibuprofen etc so I have to use gel for my Arthritic pain .. Ive steroids in cream/gel version and been on all these for a year ....

    Bloods were taken about two months ago because GP thought it was my thyroid .. all came back in normal range :( Yet under my right rib is inflamed? thats why the Rheuma has ordered a scan ... but its the wait :( Ive not been on steriods since last year when had problems with my eye drooping ... I dont understand why my bloods are coming back normal range? GP then dismisses me ... I know the rash all over is due to my meds not staying in my system ... If the pain gets worse I'll go to A & E .... for now Im on nutra shakes .. but even they regurgitate ... Driving me insane ... xxx

  • There is nothing you could have done to prevent your illness so guilt isn't something you should be feeling. However, we all know we carry guilt where our children are concerned. Kids are great if you explain things to them. They normally try to understand, sympathise or eve help. As for you, I feel for you. My mantra during difficult times is 'this won't last forever an I WILL get through it'. Hope this helps in some way. X

  • Thank you Kyliesinead xxx

  • That's nasty, poor you x Elle are you on Plaquenil? (hydroxychloriquine)? If so, it does take a couple of weeks but it worked well for me. xx

  • Hello Midsept, Yes have been on hydroxyloriquine for over a year but now due to nausea & diarrhoea its not staying in my system to work ... looks like I will have to wait til scan to sort it out ... in the mean time looks like its put up with it unless it floors me xxx

  • Hi Everyone, just thought Id update you on my scan .... Its a Liver disease .. So looks like my Liver is inflamed ... now wait for Consultant or GP to get results and go from there ... Weird that my bloods come back normal!!! Im scared to think whether they are testing the bloods correctly ... :( I really dont understand why Ive got more add ons ... I eat more than healthy enough, dont drink or smoke and have always been active (although not as much due to symptoms) ... Cant get my head around this one :/ -x-

  • My hesband has Systemic. aLupus and has had pain on right side below ribs, has diverticulitis and an ulcer w some bleeding had colonoscopy today that revealed this.

  • Thank you DorothyLava ... They found Esophagitis (grade 2) and Hernia ... I also have GERD .. Im now on Methotrexate for all this inflammation .. just hope it will make me feel better .. at the moment I feel awful. I hope and pray your husband is feeling a little better soon, I know we cant feel even 50% better but I do hope for good days Xxx

  • I have 3 autoimmune diseases and have most all of your symptoms. I had my gall bladder removed. I spent a couple years in acute pain every night. Prescription pain mess didn't even touch it! I'd be up all night. Should have called the aide car. All my pain was in my back. It would start in the middle of my back and travel to the right side of my back. By the time I finally got to the right dr. And had it removed it was so inflamed it was ready to burst.

    I'm in the US in a state that has approved marijuana. It has been a godsend. I've used the high CBD in a tincture. I just put a dropper full into a small glass with a bit of cold water and drink that at night. It helps immensely with the rib pain.

    I've also used little marijuana cookies and eat those when I go to bed then I read and in about 2 hours all of a sudden I feel like going to sleep. With either one I sleep really good and wake rested. No side affects.

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