ESA,JSA,Doctors notes plus DLA to PIP!

Hi everyone,im Andrew,ive had lupus from 16,im now 40.ive been in between ESA and JSA a few times,a nightmare trying to sort it,i have a letter from my specialist and Doctor,after asking for this letter,giving me 6months now says he cant issue sick notes for people not in work!CAB told me he`s,well.lying,have told me to ask again and make an official complaint if he says no.Strange thing is my JSA is £80 more than my ESA was!,I`m also still on DLA,is there a chance i`ll have it converted without an interview?any advice would be much appreciated!yours,Andrew

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  • I may be wrong but I thought that GPs could give you a certificate that said that you were unfit to work whether you were in work or not. They are the ones who advise the esa/ jsa etc about your ability to to look for work and therefore on the right income support. Since it has all merged my advice is to go to citizens advice. They are very good at making sure you get the right benefits.

  • Thanks for the reply.I got the JSA letter through.Its £70 more than my ESA!!?!

  • Hi RAZ76,

    Not everyone is called for an assessment, so it is possible that you could be accepted for PIP without one, but I wouldn't count on that happening.

  • Thank you for the reply.

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