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APS and pregnancy - stop taking aspirin in 28 week - I am scared

Hi all of you.

I am now 24 week in my pregnancy with APS (Lac positive) after my daugter was stillborn in january.

I found out i have APS after I got pregnant and started with aspirin 100mg and clexane 40mg since my 8 week of pregnancy.

I read some experience about pregnancy with APS and all of them take the aspirin till the end of the pregnancy.

My doctor said that i will stop with the aspirin in 28 week as there is a risk for the baby and his heart and continue only with clexane.

I am scared a lot this time. I make blood test every 3 week and Lupus anticoagulant now is negative and d dimers are ok.

I am scared to stop and scared not to stop.

Any experience or advice from you ?

Thank you in advance

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I hope some of our lady members will reply to you.

Best wishes.



i hope so...

thanks Dave


Really great news that you have made it this far. I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm not a medical expert but I had a successful pregnancy this year. I took aspirin until 36 weeks and was told to stop then due to risk of bleeding on delivery. I wasn't aware if any risk to the baby. Many women take baby aspirin in pregnancy for various reasons not just sticky blood. I would say do what the professionals tell you. You're still on the heparin which will help.


Thanks ... congratulations for your baby..

Do you take only aspirin in your pregnancy or you took and heparin too ?

Did you take other supplements?

Were you induced in 36 week ?




I took heparin and aspirin and that was it. I was induced at 37 weeks but didn't work so had a caeserean section x


PS my daughter is very healthy in fact her oxygen levels on birth were 100% so nothing wrong with her heart despite me being on aspirin for so long. She was even born nearly 3 weeks early.


Beautiful information...


Congrats on your healthy pregnancy so far :-)

There is some thought that it can take around a month for the aspirin to fully leave your system so that might be why they are suggesting stopping it early and the clexane should offer anticoagulation.

There are so many different treatment plans which can vary depending on the patient's particular needs so what others do may not be helpful to you and this particular pregnancy.

If you you are worried chat with your medical team and explain your worries and see if they can allay your worries. If you still aren't satisfied with the answers see if you can get a second opinion.

It's really important that you are as confident as possible with your medical team so you can keep your stress levels down.



I lost my first baby in 36 week and i think I will be scared until i see my baby healthy and alive...


If they are testing your blood every three week then I imagine they will be able to see if your are in a thrombophilia state.

I'm on Celaxine 40 until 36 weeks and low dose aspirin all the way through.


I hope that everything will be ok

What week are you ? Will you be induced in 36 week ?


Hi glassart. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I suffered 2 early miscarriages and tests picked up lupus anticoagulant positive. However before the second confirmatory test I got pregnant and was put on baby aspirin, low dose steroid and progesteone support along with heparin. However between 24 and 28 weeks I had severe nose bleeds and blood clots into my mouth. The haemotologist put me off blood thinners and after that I was scanned every 4 weeks to check the growth. She did mention that she wouldn't let me go far beyond my dd and prefer inducing me. Towards the end I had suspected obs cholestasis and therefore was booked in for an induction. I delivered naturally after 4 sweeps and now mum to a 14 week old girl. When I was asked to discontinue my anticoagulants I had similar apprehensions as yours but I was assured that I was well far enough in my pregnancy. Unfortunately due to pregnancy the test for lupus is not always accurate. Speak to your consultants get the assurance and keep the faith. It really helps and soon u will see your bundle of joy. Goodluck with everything.


I am not a doctor, I can only go on my own experience. I had two healthy babies taking Aspirin after losing three when we did not know I had H.S. I was told that the important time is around ten weeks to 24 weeks as that is when the placenta kicks in and before baby is considered viably. But my sons are now 15 and 10 so hopefully they have had come on since then a bit in regards to research. I took Aspirin until the end, but only because my midwifes and G.P. didn't have a clue about H.S and I was pretty much on my own after diagnoses. You will have the Clexane and I would imagine you will also be carefully monitored. Being scared is normal, I was terrified until I held them both, but I have a really good feeling about this he is survivor like his mum, and hope that you will share your beautiful baby photos to give hope to others. xxxxxxxx


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