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Stop aspirin in third trimester

Hi all of you again.

I am 29 week in my pregnancy with APS and therapy with aspirin 100 and clexane 40mg .

My gynecolgyst want to stop aspirin in 30 week because it can cause problems with my baby and my hematologyst thinks I can continue till 34 week.

What is your experience?

If I stop should I get higher dose of clexane ?

I am scared not losing this child too...I am so stressed.

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We are not medical professionals on here and we cannot, therefore, provide you with this kind of advice.

You must discuss this with your two consultants and tell them that they are both giving you conflicting advice.

Good luck.


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Hi, you must make sure that you address your question to both medical consultants, if necessary get their secretary's email addresses and mark it for the two doctor's attention. Your haematologist will have come across this problem before! We can't advise on medicine dosage, although other women will probably tell you about the path they trod with this regarding their own care.



I am confused about why your gynae thinks that the aspirin will cause problems for your baby - did they say exactly what these might be? I have not heard of this reason before - the usual reasons for stopping the aspirin is to reduce the risk of bleeding in the mother, especially if you need a c/section to deliver your baby or have any other bleeding events perinatally. I completely echo what Dave and Mary have both said and think you need to speak to someone about this. Just for your information my experience matches what your haematologist has said: I was only on aspirin through my pregnancy (not clexane etc) and was told to stop at 34 weeks which I did. I have no information about the clexane I'm afraid.


I was extremely worried and spoke to my gynaecologist and haematologist and they agreed that I would stop my aspirin 10 days before being induced (at 38+1) and the fragmin the day before. But if I thought I was going into labour naturally then to stop immediately. The worry was problems with my blood loss and the continued use would not effect my baby. Go back and speak with them about your concerns. Are you getting regular scans once you stop the meds?

It's a very frightening time but this treatment has worked for many and if you go on the BMJ site you can find the clinical study and I believe these women stopped their medication at 34 weeks and no babies were lost between then and birth so this may help you keep calm (it did me).

Please keep us informed x


I stopped aspirine at 34 weeks. And continued with clexane 40 mg until one day before my induction at 38,5 weeks. I dont think I would have stopped the baby aspirine at 30 weeks. 34 is soon enough according to my OB


I had a baby in 2012 and stopped aspirin at week 36 and am now also 29wks pregnant and have been told the same advice, week 36. I was told it takes about 2 weeks to build up and so I guess after all this time it would take some time to wear off completely too.

Check with your consultant. Speak up, don't let your worry go unheard.

All the best


Hi I stopped aspirin once pregnant and switched to Clexane through until week 34 and then had weekly scans at the clinic. They would have induced me at any point they thought my daughter was at risk. She arrived dead on due date and is now a thriving 7 year old. Hang in there, they know what they are doing. I didn't have the advantage of a haematologist to argue with though.


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