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Pregnancy induction and APS?

I'm 14 weeks pregnant. I lost two babies with 23 and 24 weeks pregnancy and I had several miscarriages. This pregnancy is the first after being diagnosed with APS. I don't have any APS symptoms, only during pregnancy. I am injection myself with 40 mg Clexane. I was wondering if every woman with APS get's induced? I read allot about woman who were getting induced but I really don't know if that's the most common thing to do. Ofcourse I really wan't what's best for the baby. And I don't wanna take any risks. Im sorry for my bad English I come from the Netherlands.

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Hello, I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my fourth pregnancy (one still birth and 2 miscarriages previously) and I'm being induced at 37-38 weeks depending on how the baby is growing. So far it's a normal size and weight. I'm on Clexane and aspirin. My doctor has said they would rather deliver the baby than wait for a problem. Do you have good antenatal care? Your English is excellent by the way. Best wishes.


Hello, your use of English is fine, I think if you have Hughes Syndrome/APS close monitoring is required during pregnancy. Probably as your pregnancy progresses a decision will be made about this. With my two last ones I just went right until the end and things progressed normally. They were both slightly early. However with my first one, I was induced, partly because I turned up at the hospital and said I felt unwell, it turned out this was something that needed to be done. However nobody ever told me I had Hughes Syndrome/APS as I am seronegative, I was treated on Fragmin due to having multiple clots in my legs during my first pregnancy. I hope you have a good supportive team looking after you in Holland. All the best to you. MaryF





I know of some women with APLS who have been allowed to go full term but its probably more common that the doctors prefer to get bub out as soon as bub is big enough and without tempting fate by leaving bub in. That is usually around 38 weeks.

With my last bub I was scheduled to go in at 38 weeks to be induced but my water broke the night before and so bub was coming that day anyway.

With all the worry that goes with a pregnancy after loss it is often a relief to have bub out safe and well as soon as possible.

I was still able to labour as normal although I was hooked up to a sintocin drip and being carefully monitored.

I'm hoping the rest of your pregnancy is trouble free and you come back and share the good news in a few months time.


Induction seems standard practice with aps pregnancies. I've had multiple miscarriages, one prem successful birth and my last pregnancy was the first to be treated and monitored. I carried up to my

induction at 38 weeks and gave birth to a healthy little girl.

Good luck with your pregnancy xx


Hi, I had my second baby in February and was induced at 38 weeks due to Aps and falling platelet levels. I was advised an induction around 38 weeks is best to ensure a healthy baby and mum.


Hi! I agree your English is fine. Congrats on your pregnancy! I got diagnosed with APS during my pregnancy at 37 weeks. They had me deliver the first day of the 38th week. I wad induced and they wanted it to be a vaginal birth but it ended up being c-section. The umbilical cord was around her neck. All went well, I always wanted to have a natural delivery but there ended up being nothing natural about it. In the end I am fine and got my baby. Had a blood clot 6 weeks after delivery was on lovenox apparently that wasnt enough. Good luck!


Thank you so much for the response. It's nice to read succes stories from woman with APS. My doctor knows very much about APS and pregnancy so that's comforting. But I also want to do my own research. So thanks again.


Fingers crossed for everyone expecting at the moment!

At my APS diagnosis meeting my consultant told me they would induce at 40 weeks if nothing had happened by then. Does anyone have any links to medical papers or advice on induction of APS pregnancies? I have seen so many people on here describe how they have been advised to induce at 37 so I'd like to understand why I was told different. (I'm 25 weeks now and haven't seen a consultant to discuss this for a while). I did find Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists papers online for starting heparin asap on confirming pregnancy but nothing on this. Thanks in advance


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