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Pregnancy and APS / Lupus

Hi all, want to provide an update in the hope of giving someone some encouragement around this issue. In July 2013 I was diagnosed with APS and Lupus following the loss of our son at 24 weeks. Symptoms began at 17 weeks when I developed this bizarre joint pain in my toes. I was eventually referred to a rhematologist who discovered the telltale indicators for the disease in my blood. I was put on clexane 40mg and aspirin 100mg but unfortunately the intervention came too late. Progressed to severe pre eclampsia and the baby's growth had been restricted. We were devastated at the loss of our son and unsure if we would ever be able to have a child. (Previous miscarriage at 15 weeks)

Earlier this year I fell pregnant again and this time I was monitored from day 1 by the high risk OB and the immunologist. I was put on aspirin and clexane again and doses were increased over the duration of pregnancy. We expected that I would develop preeclampsia at some point and the goal was to get to at least 30 weeks. Miraculously the meds kept everything in check and neither disease caused any issues. I was induced at 37 weeks and delivered a healthy baby girl (2.3kg). We are besotted with her!

Hopefully my story will bring some encouragement that having a baby is possible with this illness under the right care and management.

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What a great result, well done you, perhaps a nice baby photo, when you are not too tired, thank you for taking the trouble to come on here and tell us about your very wonderful news, I imagine that there has been much celebrating. MaryF


Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your wonderful news.


Massive congratulations! So pleased for you. Enjoy every moment. I too had a little girl at 37.5 weeks earlier this year. All was well. Those blood thinners really are magic xxx

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Congratulations xx It is always nice to hear happy news like that. Enjoy every minute as they grow so quickly :-D


Well Done You and big Congratulations to you and your family.bWhat a wonderful early Christmas prezzie. Enjoy her!! xx


Hi hon,

Congratulations, so happy for you! Welcome to your precious little one.

Big gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi there! Thank you for posting your story and congratulations on your beautiful little girl. I just came across your story and it gives me hope. I was recently diagnosed with APS after the stillbirth of my daughter at 22 weeks. Our stories are sounding similar. I too was put on lovenox (blood thinner) and aspirin, but during the 11th week. We are thinking that the intervention came too late as well. This was because I have another condition as well called ITP, which basically means I have low platelets. They were scared that the blood thinners would lower my platelets even more.

I too had severe preeclampsia and our baby suffered from restricted growth. What also struck with is the fact that you had joint pain because I was developing this as well in my 18th week. It was so severe that I couldn’t walk much and would be crying from the pain. It later developed severely in my hands after delivery along with the appearance of red spots. With medication and time it lessened. I still get discomfort in my big toe and sometimes in my fingers. It’s been about 8 months since. Interestingly, I did have flares of severe toe pain in by left big toe a couple years before I fell pregnant, but there was never such a link until this all happened. They say it’s some form of vasculitis. Would love to hear about the pain you had in your toes and what they said it was from. Also, I was wondering when you started injections when you fell pregnant the second time.

Thank you!

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