Is it safe to stop aspirin before birth in week 35 with positive APS antibodies?

Hello. I´m very worried to stop taking aspirin 75 mg in week 36 of pregnancy before birth and continue only on low molecular heparin. I do read different stories and options with APS syndrom treatment. I do take aspirin and LM heparin from beginig of pregnancy... i did have couple of early losses before, when i was only on low molecular heparin question is what is the standart treatment? Is it safe for baby to stop aspirin this early and then waitt for natural birth maybe up to week 40?

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  • Hi

    Being a man I don't know the answer here. However, I'm on Fragmin LMWH and Aspirin and I don't have any problems with it. Why would you want to stop the Aspirin, or have you been told to by your Dr?

    Best wishes.


  • some dr are worried about the blood loss during birth when taking aspirin....

  • Well the first thing I will ask, is who is looking after you, as you need a direct answer from them, especially so close to the end. It does stay in your system for a bit, I presume that your Heparin stays in situ! At the end of my pregnancy's I stayed pretty close to hospital, and when not sure, I went up there. The obstetric team will be keen to iron out any issues you have prior to the big day. It is normally a question of timing. Mary F x

  • they do want me monitor every week after stopping aspirin. however, i am still very vorried, couse blood cloth can happend any time....

  • Hi again, I am sure some other women will answer you soon, with more experience, my last one was born nearly 15 years ago, so I am out of practice! However if my memory serves me correctly the aspirin takes longer to leave the body... so.. it is a balancing act for the end result. Please go back to hospital as soon as possible if you are worried, (although week-ends, not such a good time). AND I will add to this, I was told to stop my fragmin if I felt I was going into labour, which did always give me a day of clues before, thankfully. All the best. Mary F x

  • thank You very much... and sorry for my english language... it is not my nature language :)

  • You are using fine English, which is your language? Mary F x

  • slovak

  • Je tak vhodné mať základné "Google" preklady službu, viem, že to nie je dokonalé, ale posielam veľké Dobrý deň, prosím o pokojný týždeň-end. Mary F x

    It is so useful to have a basic 'google' translating service, I know it is not perfect, but sending you a big hello, please have a restful week-end. Mary F x

  • I stopped heparin 48 hours before delivery,but stayed on aspirin as the aspirin stops the platelets being sticky,which is what APS causes, whereas the heparin thins the blood. Its the heparin that causes more blood loss and thats the one to worry about. I kept taking the aspirin even after pregnancy as a bit of a safety net until i could see a specialist who could take over and diagnose me and keep me safe outside of pregnancy too. My advice would be to keep taking the aspirin and not come off it at all,but stop the heparin just before and during labour and then resume for 6 weeks after delivery. Please get advice from your specialist though. Good luck xx

  • i know there is difference between heparin and low molecular heparin that i am taking. low molecular heparin do not couse excesive bleeding...thanky you for your replay :)

  • And i was always given a managed and planned labour and never was allowed to go past 38 weeks though I always delivered sooner. Your situation may be different so i agree with above and see your consultant and get a labour plan in place,its a stressful enough time xx

  • Yes it was Low Molecular Weight Heparin I had,and it thins your blood,therefore labour and/or blood loss has to be managed and prepared for.

  • i will talk to my dr. again...thank you.

  • Your very welcome,and please let us know how you get on,wishing you luck x

  • Dear Cuculik I would think it is important to continue with both until it is clear that you are close to delivery. When I had my sons, which is some time ago now, the youngest is 12, I kept taking both. Then when it was clear that the babies had stopped growing, through weekly dopplers, I stopped the aspirin 1 week before surgery and the clexane 1 day before. I don't know about natural birth, I have 3 children all low birthweight, all healthy boys now, despite complications around birth, but lost 5 in first trimester. Are you having weekly dopplers and do you have the benefit of a haematologist being involved in your care? Good luck with everything!

  • My haematologist advised that I must come off the aspirin 10 days before delivery and was reiterated by the ob....I'm currently 36 weeks and stopped a couple of days ago. I'm also on heparin injections and the advice is to come off the day before delivery and then resume 12-24 hours post delivery (ensuring there's no risk of excessive bleeding before) x

  • Although I'm not knowledgeable on medication during an APS pregnancy I do know that heparin leaves your body within 24 hrs. I would most certainly listen to what your healthcare practitioner is saying, I'm assuming they are knowledgeable on APS pregnancies.

  • so far, i am having dopplers every 2 weeks, but my dr. is planning to start every week from week 36 so far. my little boy is doing good and he is even 2 weeks ahead. i really want to talk to my gynekologist about having induced birth around week 38, so when i will stop my aspirin in week 36, i do not have to waitt till week 40. on the other side, my hematologist said, it is fine to waitt and i do not need to worry , but there are so many sories on the web about stillbirth babies...i really hope, even if my hematologist is against induced birth, my gynekologist will understand.

  • Hi Cuculik, I understand that sometimes aspirin (which is an anti-platelet mediation) can be stopped in pregnancy if your platelet levels are falling. Do you know what you platelet levels are currently? Low platelet levels (thrombocytopaenia) are sometimes an issue in pregnancy for those with APS.

  • my plates ate still fine :)

  • I have had APS for 21 years, which was diagnosed at St Thomas'. I have taken aspirin (75mg) all the way through all of my pregnancies , right up to when I have had them. I get booked in with the hospital to be induced 2 weeks early, but with all of mine, had them before the date and everything was fine. :-D (I have 4 boys)

  • that is very ressuring for me. Thank You.

  • In The Netherlands it is normal to stop with 36 wks with aspirin. I was afraid to. I did stop at two births at week 36 with aspirin and gave birth spontaneously at week 37 and 2 days to healthy sons (also the birthtime was alsmost the same). And then i did used heparin for 6 weeks after the birth. Good luck to you.

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