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heparin dosage in pregnancy

Hi again.

I need your advice and experience with APS and pregnancy treatment.

In 6 week of my pregnancy i got positive lupus anticoagulant test and also in 11 week of pregnancy.

Since 8 week i am on aspirin 100 and clexane 40mg.

Last week I got negative LAc test and my doctot want to take clexane 20 mg insteed of 40 mg and aspirin 100.

I am scared because my daugter was stillborn in 36 week and dont want to lose this child too.

My baby is fine till now but her umbrical cord is around her neck and my first baby was with with her cord around her neck.

I dont want to experiment.

I appreciate your advice ...

Thanks in advance


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Hello Sanja

Unfortunately we cannot give adivce on dosages as we are not medical professionals.

Where are you from?

Best regards.



I am from Macedonia and here we dont have specialist for APS. They only now that I should take aspirin and heparin but the doctor ask me what dose i should take but i am not a doctor i am scared. I think they are scared too because they dont have much experience in this medical issue.


I don't know what to suggest, as we are not doctors on this site and cannot advise you on medication or dosages. However, it is my experience that Heparin doses are generally based on body weight and are usually tabulated in the patient's leaflet in the box of injections. You must insist that your doctor undertakes research on the correct dose for you.



Thanks Dave ... i hope they will give me the right dose..


Hi Sanja,

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I can understand how worrying it is for you having lost your previous baby. (I have lost several babies to APLS). It is understandable that you don't want to experiment with doses.

It looks like your dose is a prophylactic dose rather than a therapeutic dose which is often how they medicate with heparin during pregnancy if you haven't had a clotting episode other than miscarriage.

Some women do well on 20mg whilst others need higher doses so there are no clear cut answers on dosage. It is tragic that it often in an experiment to get the right dose.

I can only suggest that you discuss your worries with your medical team and express how worried you are and that you would prefer to stay on the higher dose unless there is a very good reason for the lower dose.

Hopefully your medical team can reassure you and come up with a treatment plan that you feel comfortable with.

I wish you all the best and hope you have a trouble-free pregnancy.


I am sorry for your loses Tassie.

What was your therapy during pregnancy ?

How you make it easy during pregnancy ?


I was on low dose aspirin and clexane during the pregnancy that went to term. The ones I lost I wasn't on any treatment. It was 11-12 years ago so I can't remember the dose of the clexane but it was probably 40 or 60mg.

I have supported many women through pregnancy after miscarriage with APLS and their dosage can vary widely with success on various doses.

Just make sure your medical team is knowledgeable about APLS and its treatment in pregnancy and if they aren't find some that are.

I don't think any pregnancy after loss is easy as you will likely be worried and that is understandable. My best suggestion is to try and enjoy every day the baby is growing inside of you as every moment is special and you won't have that time back. It's easier said than done I know.


Thank you ..i really love your advice and it is nice when somebody reminds you about that..


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