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Only aspirin, what is your advice ?

In 6 week I came back positive for Lupus anticoagulant wit 52 seconds ( max 42 seconds ). All other results were normal, my platelet count was in "normal range, d dimers also.

I was on aspirin 100 mg and clexane 40mg since 8 week. In 11 week I made the test again and the result for LAC was again positive but lower 43 seconds (max 42). I dont know if the messures are the same in your country.

Today I went to visit a hematologyst with the results and she said to continue only with aspirin 100 mg and no clexane, and that aspirin will be enough.

All the experince I have read about other woman was with aspirin and clexane.

I am scared to stop with clexane and lose this child. I dont know how i will survive to lose this child too.

Please write me your advice and what are your results for LAC . Is there any problems with your other results?



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Hi there, we can't give medical advice not being doctors, however I know some people at times travel to London Bridge or get their doctor to contact them for guidance, Aspirin may not be enough, I certainly had Fragmin in my own case, hopefully other women will answer you. They may be able to make a suggestion.



Yes I do believe that the normal treatment with someone who has APS when they are pregnant is to have both Aspirin and LMW Heparin, although we don't know about your case or are we Dr's.

Can you call London Bridge and ask PRof Khamashta if he would write, fax or email your Dr with advice urgently if you can't find another APS DR you could go to?


Could you give me some e mail of another doctor or PRof Khamashta?

I am not from UK and cant go to London Bridge ?

I desperatly want to see another doctor but in my country it seems imposible.


Above I gave you the email address for London Bridge! MaryF


Hi if it were me I would question it with a medical professional today, you have gone though enough haven't you.

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I would also recommend a second opinion or maybe print off the trial data from the BMJ and show your haematologist. Do you have a gynaecologist? Could you ring them? They will be more up to date with treatment for pregnancy whereas in my experience haematologists are more concerned with the mother. My second opinion was at at Mary's with raj rai who was fantastic. Do u have some clexane left?


I still take clexane . I am scared to stop

My ginecologyst say that the hamatologist must subscribe the tretmant.

I cant see another doctor , i should wait many days. The first hematologist who prescribed me clexane is on holiday .

I will try again today and tomorow.

In my country things are too annoying. The hospitals are awful. The doctors are waithing for hours and they dont care much about your health.


I found another hematologist and she confirmed my doubts that i must take clexane also because i am pregnant and i have previous pregnancy late loss.

I will continue with the clexane.

Thank you for your support because if it wasnt this forum I woldnt know wat is correct.

Thank you again


Great! Im so glad you have found somebody who is prepared to follow what you feal is correct also. Do your Gyny and Hemo work well together and is the Gyny well experianced in APS? What country are you in?

At least for the minute you are safe. Please let us know how things are going.


I live in Macedonia.

It is sad because we dont have ginecologyst who is experianced in APS . I vistis 3 doctors in different hospitals not to miss something.

I am scared what will hapend.

I quit my job and now I am home to rest more because my job was to steresful.

I feel safe with aspirin and clexane but ...


Thanks for feedback, I wish you luck with the rest of your pregnancy, and you are not the only one on here from a different country! MaryF


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