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Vegetable curry with wild and red rice

Hi everyone,

I cooked this curry in my slow cooker this afternoon so it was easy and it’s a fantastic way to cook a curry as it brings the flavour of the spices out. I cooked onion mushrooms tomato in olive oil added the curry spices including a pinch of nutmeg and then added some gluten free flour (I used ground quinoa) some water and broccoli cauliflower carrots and peas, The rice I cooked just boiled merrily away.

I do like a curry sometimes and have been busy so it went down a treat, this is gluten free and plant based.

Take care and stay safe now folks. 🌈😊

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Hi Jerry

What a tasty looking curry and great ingredients. I totally agree, a slow cooker is an excellent way to cook a complete dish.

I bet you enjoyed every mouthful.

Enjoy the rest of your evening and stay safe and well.

Alicia 🌈😋🌞

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Thanks Alicia it’s make life easy for us too a slow cooker and I did enjoy it. 🌈😊

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A slow cooker is an excellent addition to the kitchen, I remember you getting it. Glad you enjoyed it but where's my portion😂😂.


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Hi Hidden,

This looks fantastic! I hope you enjoyed it.:-) We may have a curry, again in a few days, but I need to see how warm/cold the temps. get around here. :-)

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Thanks Leah it’s been a really warm day today I like hot spicy food on hot days sometimes. 😊

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The temps. today were in the mid-upper 70's. :-)

I like mild spicy. My parents can't do spicy-spicy food.:-)

Jerry, I see all your posts.... It is Great ! 👍👍👍👍

What a Healthy Eating culture !

Red wild rice is highly nutritious with a lot of Dietary Fiber....

And Quinoa is perhaps the only Grain to have the entire range of essential amino acids....

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Hello namaha and thank you, I really like red and wild rice too and I eat quinoa most days as I user a grinder to make quinoa flour. I like eating quinoa as it’s a complete food as you rightly say it is a complete food containing all the nutrients our bodies need.

So thank you for your kind comments as they’re appreciated. 🌈🙏

That looks and sounds delicious. Time for me to dig out my slow cooker!

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Hey thanks BlueMole and getting your slow cooker out sounds good to me...🌈😊

Hi Jerry, I was just wondering what to cook for dinner tonight, so you've inspired me to dust off the slow cooker and have a go😊xx

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Hi mattymoo33 this sounds good to me so enjoy...🌈😊

Sounds Yummy, what is Ref Rice?

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Thank you Want2BHappy3 red rice is a type of rice that is high in magnesium and antioxidants, it’s also really good for controlling insulin levels so is a healthy option as well as being flavoursome. Wild rice is also more nutritious than white rice and contains less calories. 🌈🌞

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I’m diabetic so this sounds like something I can eat? Where can I buy it at?

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Whole food shops 😊

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Hi Hidden

Your curry looks really good. I bet it was really delicious.

Zest :-)

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