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I need help I have gain 30 pounds and can't get rid of the extra pounds. It's hard for me to do any kind of activities because to begin with I had surgery on my knee and the doctor mess up my knee. So now I have to have surgery again..I have a I Thyroid problem, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, maybe it can be my age too I'm 65 yrs. I don't but I need help. Can you please give me some advice. Thank you. Lidia Velasquez

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Hi Linda,

Have you seen the NHS 12 week plan, as it is a good structure for losing weight. The following community is very much supportive for healthy weight loss, so maybe have a look and see if you would like to gain some support there for your weight loss journey?


Lowcal :-)

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Hi linda, I too had the same problem. Following a diet is good but carrying it on forever is hard. I did was look at my break fast and decided to make it healthy and made changes to my breakfast, then followed it for 15 days until I got used to it. The next 15 days were lunch, then dinner and then night snack.

Slowly doing one change at a time, I started not only loosing weight but eating healthy as well.

I hope this helps


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