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Loosing Weight and General Health Improvement


I'm new here. I recently found my blood pressure was slightly raised. This shocked me as I've never had any blood pressure issues before. It made me take a good, long look at myself. I'm not massively overweight but I could certainly do with loosing a few pounds! I have been following a Keto diet plan and have, so far, taken off 11pounds. I am not as strict as I could be but it's going okay. I would value any tips/hints on what to do to keep the weight coming off. I seem to have reached a stand-still.

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Salt, watch Dr James Dinicolantonio on YouTube before listening to anyone (even your GP) before you consider salt reduction. I've lost 30 pounds with Low Carb Healthy Fat since Feb. Now maintaing weight.

Gooood luck !

LeeRa in reply to Hidden

Will do. Thanks.

It might go against the ketogenic diet, but you need more fruit & vegetables, for potassium, to lower your blood pressure. Plenty of veg aren't high in carbohydrate. Avocados are generally good for the health, & are nutrient dense,

LeeRa in reply to BadHare

Love Avos. I am eating plenty of fruit - maybe too much? An apple, a pear, grapes, figs, berries. Not massive amounts but do love it.😀

The waking sounds good advice....I like things that don't involve chemicals! Ta.

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