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Community help :'(

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It's taken me a VERY LONG TIME to work up the courage to reach out for help after feeling like my voice has been silenced. After feeling ganged up on, singled out, betrayed by those closest to me 😢 ya know, I keep getting my hopes up thinking I've found a place or two where I have a voice, where I feel l have the support that I desperately need right now. Seems everywhere I go I have people following me around trying to take away or destroy the tools I HAVE SOUGHT OUT IN DESPERATION. The mental health system right now is in crisis!! It has been for a long time and it has progressively gotten worse over the past two years due to the pandemic. If there is going to be ANY kind of GOOD change in this messed up 'system' the voices here who are advocating against stigma, who are capable of making a difference really need to come together right now to make a positive change. I am scared. I am hurting right now and getting very discouraged trying not to 'lose heart.'


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Im right here. I hear you. ❤️


I’m so sorry that you (I think) feel like you can’t say how you feel? People have hurt you here,right?

You know I keep replaying in my head somebody told me I was worthy 😢🤐 I am tired.

Keep reminding yourself that you are worthy because you very much are!


I know what you mean. Some of us have such harshness in our lives. It’s not fair.

I read somewhere you said you were tired. I get tired too.

🎶Star light star bright first star I see tonight 🎶⭐


You’re so cute! ☺️

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She is a wonderful person. She is also worthy.


((((🐬)))) thank you 🥲

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You are and we all are. We also all deserve happiness and peace.

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When you are tired take a break. Listen to your body. I know sleep doesn't come easy for us sometimes, just find a cozy spot and try and clear your mind. Listening to the sound of a bird outside, watching the wind blow through the trees, hearing the rain against the roof. Nature has such healing qualities.

Wishing you peace


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Hi Survivor,

I'm sorry you have been hurt...

You are worthy and you are not alone. It is very hard without adequate support and the pandemic has made it so much harder to access it.

You definitely are worthy and I hope you can hear this from us. Thank you for reaching out.

Sending you a lot of support...

Thank you

The last time I was in a Behavioral Health Hospital 4 years ago for PTSD after my boyfriends suicide, I came out more traumatized than when I went in. The Healthcare system we have now for psychiatric patients are run by heartless, greedy business men and women operating private psychiatric hospitals. The staff had no compassion or psychiatric training. They were short staffed, had no groups (only an art therapy group) and we had no mental health counseling. We basically were expected to sit in one large room in front of a television all day. If you cried or moaned from panic attacks or other pain you were told to "shut up". You were denied prn medication and sometimes had to wait until the next day to get any relief. I could go on but it still is too upsetting to recount. I told my doctors about my experience when I got out but I didn't get much of a reaction from them. All I know is I will never go into a private run psych hospital again!!

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Survivor1687 in reply to Tara52

I am so sorry that happened to you. I am also very sorry to hear about your loss.🌹 ((hugs))

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((((((((Tara)))))))) terrible for you and others and so so wrong

Your experience isn't unique. I ran into much the same thing.

I have observed and experienced the mental health system in the state that I live in since the late 1960s. It was and is always under funded since Kennedy's assassination interrupted the upgrading of mental health services in the US. Progress is made and then any gains are lost. Many of societies problems I blamed on the mentally ill - mass shootings, homelessness to name two major ones. But through each administration funding remains insufficient. Regardless this socioeconomic situation please know in your heart that you do not have to justify your existence. By the fact that you were born in to this world you have a right to be here. No more and no less than any other human being. You may need to set about developing positive self esteem and problem solving but don't waste energy trying to justify your existence. You belong here because you are here. The world may want you to think otherwise. Ignore them. Hope you come back to this site. I have found comfort here. Hopefully you will too

Thank you 🌹💜

I have been in a three psychiatric hospitals and a crisis center. The crisis center was soooooooo amazingly awesome giving hope plenty of positive therapy and just a good atmosphere. The hospitals did like art class and someone told me it was my fault for feeling upset another talked shot about what I created in art saying I was really doing horribly because of what I made.

Excuse me? What clueless idiot thought our Starrlight is not an artist? We know differently. I've often heard that many of the greatest artists of all time were unappreciated in their own time.

Let it go, they don't have enough art in their souls to see what you have.

Let it go.

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