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Just is.

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I feel that if I would disappear (wasn’t here), no one would notice or even care (Okay, maybe a couple people would care). I don’t feel comfortable in society nor do I fit in. I am not sure how people can feel comfortable in their own skin because I never have.

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I know the feeling. I never fit in either. Have found some groups with common interests though. New acquaintances at least. I sometimes take heart from my children's policy that everyone is just me, me ,me. They are not as aware of you as you think.

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As far as my family goes, it is hard sitting on the outside and watching all my step siblings have all these fun relationships with my biological family (father’s side) because I wasn’t raised really knowing them. And now that I am older it’s too late, because I don’t fit it. Hard to explain.

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Can sort of understand your family situation, as l am 10 years younger than my nearest sibling, so the other 3 grew up together , so have more common memories.

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I am so sorry you are feeling you are not fitting in, Believe2Day.

Sometimes it is harder to find things that resonate deeply and it can feel distant or unattainable. I felt this way.

You are most certainly very valued here.

Sending my support and light 💐

Thank you.

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How are you feeling today, Believe2Day?

Trying to hang on. Wishing I fit into society. Sometimes I get tired of trying so hard because it always comes back to these feelings.

How have you been?

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Thank you so much...

To me most important is what really motivates me, what inspires me at my core. If I am different than others in a certain environment, I think being true to myself and keeping dreams alive is what gets me through although I struggle.

I understand that fitting in is important for safety. I see this with some types of animals (kangaroos, for example).

But finding something that resonates truly, something I can be good at and enjoy, finding people that inspire me is important.

I see beauty in uniqueness of each person. I think it has a great value, but that's my very personal perspective.

I look at the world differently than others and this brings me more joy.

I don't know how to phrase things better as I can't express what I mean.

It's been a bit challenging time with my foot recovering much slower and having to deal with extra triggers but there is a lot of good in my life as well.

Thank you for your kindness...


I guess being true to oneself (myself) is a struggle. So hard to be true to yourself when your entire life you have always been the caregiver (putting my needs last…not even recognizing my needs or even learning who or what I am).

I am sorry about your foot surgery and the healing process taking so long. Please know I am here if you need to express.

Sending you healing hugs.

You are worthy. You matter. You count. The rest of the world is dysfunctional.

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Thank you Phoenix.

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I want to say something important, something that matters, without making it about myself and I can't find the way to say it right now...Thinking of you.

God would care . I have been seeking god since I was 5 years old. I know he is there and loves us. I call him a he because thousands of people have met him and he has a masculine presence. People on the operating table, and in accidents etc. The people who raised you from a baby would miss you. Have you ever raised a child? I’m not able to put it in words. The love and sacrifice that is made in raising children. No parents are perfect, but they deserve credit for raising children. A few people in the future will miss you. People who maybe you make friends with. Or people who you will work with, and work towards making the world just a tiny bit better.

Thank you Daveacr.

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