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Struggling in Out Patient program

I have been in an intensive out patient program for 3 days and while the education is very beneficial I find the 6 hours intense and overwhelming. Also, it is hard for me to be around people for long periods of time. I feel so drained and exhausted and I am not sure why these symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion happen. I am taking tomorrow off to get some rest and for self care. But I was wondering if anyone else has these experiences and I am wondering what I can do to overcome it. It limits me in many ways.

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I can't imagine holding up for 3 consecutive 6 hour days! A year ago attending a social event would put me in bed for a day. Now, I need a quiet day at home but I can accomplish some things. Being hyper vigilant in public places is exhausting. If you can take little breaks and get away from everyone in a quiet space, it helps.

I also take a small dose of a anti anxiety medication as needed before social situations. That helps a lot.


Thank you, I will take your advice. When I have are 10 minute breaks I will sit in my car for some time out. Your advice means a lot. Thank you.


That is a great idea, I will take my lunch out to the car and eat it. I love it.

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I wouldn't dream of particpating in anything that intense, for now. Recently we've been offered an 8 week course in Mindfulness in work (2 hours weekly plus 30 mins daily homework). I did't need to think twice to decline the "offer".

I have to attend Uni lectures at times, and luckily I quickly found out that my body&mind, very cleverly, automatically dissociates. I think this is a good, automated response (for me) and now I enjoy I don't have to listen to the lecturers' monologues. It is disempowering enough, that I am forced to attend. At least my clever subconcious removes me from the situaton, metaphorically speaking. This works for me, and for now it is okay.


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