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Mindfulness....yeah I know it's the most spoken word

Every person I have seen has touted the benefits of mindfulness. I've thought this to be no more than the trendy right now word bandied around...

However I have been practicing a very simple form of it and I have to say it's helping me.

There is only pain if I choose to look back, looking back is the thing I do in therapy and only to heal those memories. Looking forward and doing a lot of planning takes away the joy of being in that moment and the pleasure of being able to explore something new.

I'm also aware for some planning for their future might seem important.

People I know as well as myself have very rigid thinking. It is or it is not but now I'm thinking and exploring the maybe it could be moments. I'm challenging my need to have future planning and to be more spontaneous. It does feel strange savouring every moment I'm living in but doing that is helping me to feel a little. I'm also finding myself walking around with my head held up and exploring what happens when I smile at a woman my age or older. It's not that scary to do and what usually happens is that person smiles back. Lol, this is all very new to me.

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Good idea - I'm being more mindful as I read this :-) My mind races forwards and backwards, rarely living in the present. I do wish I could be more spontaneous too. I'm going to try to be more mindful as I go about today at least. Glad it's working for you. Yes, I notice that when you smile at people, most of them (not all!) return that smile :-)


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