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Hey guys!! So I've still been doing ok as far as health anxiety goes, surprisingly, even with my blood test results, I still feel the health anxiety trying to flare up some, as though the blood test may have missed something unable to be picked up.. like oral C word or something. But I'm trying my best not to let myself get back to that point.. however, being on Instagram, seeing sad stories being posted, is making me have anxiety and fear of something bad happening to me or someone I love. I keep unfollowing people that post these negative stories. I really can't understand why people would want to partake in that sort of entertainment or news.. but it's making me really sad and scared and just really feeling fearful of the people around me and afraid to trust anyone as that is the message I've been seeing in the posts as well today smh does anyone else experience this???

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  • I have taken a break from social media especially now that my anxiety is high because it can really affect you. Honestly if you can do like a two week - month detox from social media you would probably feel better . My PCP told me that a study was done and social media cAn actuLly cause depression without you realizing it . Try tAking a break from it and see if that helps .... refocus

  • Thank you! That's very informative, I had no idea.. I'm a brand ambassador so I actually HAVE to post on social media, and I've been so down for like a week that I haven't posted and the company I work for is like "ummm hello" 😩And today I saw a post about a girl in Chicago and it was just so negative and really pushed me over the edge and now my anxiety is soooooo high!!!!!! All because of reading that smh so maybe I will try to find a way to post but not scroll at all

  • There you go I was just about to say that !! Just stick to getting the job done and get off . I refuse to get on FB it's just too much for me to handle at the moment. And that's ok .. it'll always be there when I feel better I'll give it a whirl but right now I can't

  • Girl of course. I had come to that same conclusion about social media. I had even stopped getting on Facebook all together. I hadn't been on facebook in about 5 months. And for that same reason because i was always seeing bad stories about people dying. And see my anxiety is so bad. I see about some one else dying and im thinking it will happen to me. Smh. Its bad. But i was just saying to my daughter that i think my phone (the social media) is aiding in my anxiety and fears.

  • Yes girl exactly! Like the posts I saw today on IG was about a girl in Chicago and it just made my anxiety go thru the roof!! And all I could think was what if it happens to me or someone I love and it's just really horrible smh and I agree, it does aid ALOT in our anxiety and symptoms and fears because we see so much of it all on social media and those of us with this disorder, we process all of that information so differently than those without it smh

  • Girl yes. And yes i was looking at that too about the girl from Chicago. Seeing all kinds of posts about this story all day its like i couldn't escape from seeing it unless i completely get off my phone. And yes i think it subconsciously wired up my anxiety cuz i am having a not so good aftwrnoon at all. My morning part wasnt so bad but as the day went along i am having symptoms. Head feels sore to the touch in different spots and dull headaches, falling/dropping sensations, unbalanced feeling. Now im in tunnel vision all day.

  • Me too!!! People were posting left and right in my timeline, I unfollowed all of them 😩Did you see the Bible verse people were circling pertaining to her? I'm not a religious person but that made my anxiety even WORSE, same here, I had a good morning but as the day has gone on, I've been having feelings of impending doom and very easily frightened and irritable smh I haven't been back on IG because I'm afraid of what I'll see smh just hella triggers left and right smh

  • No i didnt see the bible verse thing. It probably would've made me think more deeper and afraid too.

  • Yes girl I wish I didn't see it smh but my dumb ass went looking on all her tagged photos and that's why I saw it. I wouldn't have seen it if I didn't go looking smh that's my problem now smh

  • Bol. Me too. Always looking for trouble. One of the first i didnt go hunting for I guess.

  • I only have Facebook and tumblr now with a very small friends list due to things like this. I totally get where you're coming from!

  • Hi mate ~first of all I hope you had a great time in LA💕 Social media ugh!!Not for me try not to get too caught up with it all!! I'm the same tho if I read something or see something bad on tv I worry in case it might happen to me or my loved ones~like the Grenfell Tower disaster ~I kept checking my fire alarm ~Mr Anxiety yet again loving the attention 😈~as far as your tests go ~STOP worrying they came back fine ~you were very brave and be PROUD of yourself my friend!!

    Take care and you know where I am if you need a chat ~at work today so may not reply straight away


  • KittyKat!!!!!! My fav!!!! 💕👑thank you so much!!! You're so right, and I've decided to stay off of Instagram for a while, it's not good for anxiety disorders of any kind. And I'm trying my best as far as my tests go!!! Thank you for reminding me about my bravery 😌You helped me with that ☺️I'll never forget because it was at my weakest moment and you helped pick me without even being in the same country 💕💕💕I'll be forever grateful. Anxiety is not easy to beat but it's worth every ounce of fight to get back to the way I used to be. And I live in LA 😬 And I had a great weekend at the state fair! I was able to enjoy myself with no worries on my mind, anxiety waited for me this morning instead lol 😩But I'm trying Kittkat I'm trying. Have a wonderful day at work and a beautiful week!! ☺️💕

  • Pleased you had a fab time at state fair ~ yep think sometimes social media and Dr Google can be us anxiety sufferers worst enemy ~ friendship can travel the miles no matter how far the distance ~and I am your friend as you are mine!!

    Blessings to you and your loved ones 🌷

  • I am always afraid of bad things happening to the people I really love - including my wee kitty! I am very skilled at catastrophizing (no pun intended!), but that's an even worse thing when coupled with my over-active's a fear of loss and a fear of pain, I guess....

  • I agree with you 1000% and we have everything you just said in common 😩

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