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3 Nights in a Row

For years I've suffered from night terrors. I've had 3 nights in a row of relatively good dreams and sleep. It's hard to separate what may have contributed to the change. What I've done differently:

1. Worked through some pretty heavy stuff in counseling from angles that haven't been done before.

2. My spouse gives me a magnesium type drink before going to bed. She works for a functional medicine doctor.

3. Increased the use of low dose essential oils, primarily lavender.

No way to know what has helped the most. Likely the counseling. My wife woke me up early today to go on a bike ride at dawn. For the first time in a long time she didn't have to scrape me off the wall from my startle reaction. Feels good.

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I am so glad to hear that, Ilhawk!

Especially hard earned after working on some deep hard stuff.

I take magnesium as well.

Thanks for sharing this. Gives hope to many of us dealing with nightmares.

Here is to healing...


IIhawk, that is great to hear! You must be making progress. Congradulations!



That's great news, I'm so p,eased for you.

Enjoy life.

Good luck and best wishes.

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That is really great ilhawk. I am on antidepressants which make me sleep but then I often wake feeling hungover. I would love to try some more natural remedies so I think I will add magnesium to my routine.

And to your point that it may have something to do with the counselling, you are probably right there. My doctor recommends taking "a multi-pronged approach" to any problem you are having, kind of like if one prong doesn't work another one might!

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What incredible and encouraging news! So happy you've finally enjoyed a few good nights. You deserve every good night so here's hoping the trend continues!!

Thanks for sharing your good news with us!


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