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Making a Friend

Making a Friend

I decided to take the next step in recovery. This is huge. I decided to reach out and make a friend. This is the hardest things I've done in a few years since the trauma. I was standing in a store and the pangs of loneliness hit like never before. I stood there and said I need a friend. The trauma wiped out my circle of "friends" and I didn't have the capacity to build friendships. My therapist suggested that I make one and I was like "no way." Today was the day I decided to reach out to a person who seems cool. I don't know. But I know isolation and PTSD are not a good mix for healing.

As I thought about reaching out initially, every fear and scenario from the past came up and I was overwhelmed. Has there been anyone to have this experience? If so, how did you handle it?

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Way to go, PoeticOvercomer! What a courageous step. Sure, it can be overwhelming - it brings up for me every time a friend wasn't really there for me.

How to handle it? I'm not sure I have a great answer, but it seems like I have to try to separate past anguish from present situation, so I don't "expect" the new person to act like others who weren't really there for me.


Hey Dan thank you. I like that part about separation. Which is very important because I had bad scenarios in my head going on.....so thanks for the input.


You are very welcome, PoeticOvercomer! I'm glad my thoughts gave you something helpful. :)



This is a big step forward in your healing process. Congrats! :)

I am starting to make new friends too. I still feel more comfortable isolating, but know I need to do this. People actually like me. Now if only I could like myself, lol!

Please keep us posted on how it goes. okay?


I have had a similar situation with people. I am currently friendless, but I have been trying to make friends this past year. I am looking for a good fit. I have to get out more as I isolate a lot too. I believe we will prevail over time. Good luck!


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