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Some in the community may have noticed that my recent posts here are a bit more abstract & unusual than others.

I am in the process of publishing a series of short stories , or 'memoirs', on PTSD, as I am a long time healthcare worker/ childhood trauma survivor who has battled with it all of her life.

Being a part of this community, you are are the first I will be sharing it with, & I welcome any feedback & conversation.

As well as spelling or grammar correction . Since I'm the worst at it, I won't lie.

I'd like to open eyes to see things from our vantage point, & perhaps encourage others here to do the same.

We have nothing to fear.

So how does one care for others when they themselves are destroyed?

I don't know how, but somehow it's done .. We do it.. & the experiences add to the suffering.

A lot of us learn that the more we focus on others, the less we see of ourselves.

So I'd like for us to have our voices heard...

Since it's our only chance of survival in this world filled with perpetrators.

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Very cool!


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