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Hello, I’m new here, decided a really needed to find support.

One of the hardest things about PTSD is, going through this makes us need the support of others more than ever, yet the disease itself causes further isolation. It sets us apart from the average person. Not only can we not entrust just anyone with what’s happened to us, but if we do they cannot understand what it’s like, so it makes us feel different from everyone else and misunderstood. Especially for people who don’t seem to think it’s as bad as we say it is.

I find it hard to relate and connect to anyone knowing they’ll never understand why I go through what I go through every single day, so I can be surrounded by people but still feel disconnected.

I really needed to vent because I truly need to connect to people who know what this is like

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Hi pepperpeach,

Welcome to our community.

You will find supportive people here who do understand what it's like.

I totally agree about what you said.

I needed to be even more around people and participated in group activities when PTSD hit but I moved to a country where there was a lot of pressure to be in a relationship and successful.

My situation put me in the position of not fitting in. It was terrible while I was trying to be around people and followed their suggestions to sign up for group sport activities etc. Unfortunately I felt very alone and not able to be myself.

I feel that the lack of support from my family and being in a new country cut off from friends was the factor actually making my PTSD worse.

It does force us to isolate when there isn't enough energy and not feeling well.

I get where you are coming from. Having friends that understand is so important.

I don't tell people I meet that I become friends with and even family and it's really taking a lot of energy sometimes.

Sending you support and understanding...

It sounds like you really get it, I’m sorry that you dont have a lot of support, but thanks so much for reaching out and for understanding 😌

Hey Newbie....your absolutely is hard and sometimes impossible for others to understand PTSD..unless it affects them.

I usually get the blank stare or the dead eyed shark look ,as I call it.

Honestly..I personally don't give a rats buttcheek if someone doesn't understand or get my PTSD because I know its real..and I know its affecting me.

Most people think trauma should have a time limit...WELL Im at 36 years with all the time up yet???lol

Everyone here gets it...

Good to hear from you. I think you will find this site very supportive and educational. It is a relief to connect with people who understand and have things in common with you.

Best wishes.🌸

Thank you marnie 😌

Not original from me:

“Our brains are wired for connection, but trauma rewires us for protection.”

Trauma makes the one thing we need the most to heal the most difficult thing to acquire - human connection.


Awesome quote and thank you for the welcome 🙂

So true, you are wise to avoid talking with just anyone about your past or problems, since they don't understand and may tell others or judge you wrongly. Keep it to you and those you know do understand and are supportive. This is a safe place to share the feelings of ptsd and it's issues. Bless you, you are stronger than you know, don't let fear rule you since it is disabling and a liar. You are able, you can do what you want to and overcome! <3 some things that help are taking a good multi that has magnesium in it to calm your anxiety and give you peace. Also, ginseng is great to get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop. Do something different and fun and new, to stretch your spirit and give you freedom. Blessings to you dear! <3

Thank you so much!! Really helpful advice and really appreciate the kind words ❤️


I hear you pepperpeach and you are not alone here, ever! Glad you have found this place, for self-expression, recovery and understanding <3

You’re not alone. No one understood I had PTSD, I had agoraphobia and severe social anxiety after my trauma and I was told by my own mum to “sort myself out” and she left me high and dry which led to me developing such awful social anxiety. I trusted no one and isolated myself further and further. I lost friends along the way too that I think eventually found my condition hard to deal with. It is so hard to cope with when people leave us and don’t want to support us, the condition is isolating enough.

Welcome to the forum, everyone here is so welcoming.

Hi pepperpeach,

Ok getting the diagnosis is the name for what you have, but it is more complex than that!! I was told in 2002 that i had PTSD and i said "what's that, is that what i have had all this time?" How long debbie the counsellor said- "as a kid" i replied. Why have i got PTSD and she said there are 4 but didn"t tell me what they were, i had work some out myself. Support? Ha ha ha where?

I welcome you with open arms and a gud heart and a listening ear no matter what you need to say. We have ptsd but it Does NOT define us! It will take time, patience and kindness toward yourself. Get better at your pace and not others who have no comprehension what trauma does to the body and mind.

I walk , scuba dive, drive but stop n rest if need to!! Exercise my chuckle muscles whenever i can, laughter is gud medicine.

Find support on here and maybe go to headway group, i felt accepted for first time in my life.

I wish you strength when you need it and peace when you a quiet place to just be.

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