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Fear, insecurity, helpless

i keep having dreams nightmares /daydreams where I am being chased by something ! I do not know what it is ,who it is or even if there is anything really there although I feel its presence . I am awake but am asleep I scream out but there is no sound and then suddenly I am really awake ! Neighbour ringing my bell asking if I am ok , I am really afraid I want company but I don't want anyone to know my fears my insecurity or that I feel helpless unable to do anything about it, yes I did think of hypnotherapy but I am even afraid of that what happens if I find out I am blocking something bad out of my mind ? What happens if I find out something has happened to me in the past and that's why my memory is so confused? I really don't know ! Perhaps my real fear is finding the answer? I was badly burnt many years ago which I have the scars to show but I have never found out how they happened as that was during the time I get confused with my memory , I know I am a decent person just a bit screwed up perhaps do we all go through this but some handle it better than folk like me? I don't know what do you think???

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I really relate to what you're sharing. I had similar experiences of feeling like I was being chased, but not sure by who. I finally had one dream that was very revealing, and it led me to try some inner child work that I had thought sounded silly.

What I discovered was that the memory of a violent incident - which had been buried in my subconscious - was horrific, but not as bad as not knowing. When I didn't know what was going on, my imagination could go all sorts of directions, and that didn't help. When I knew what really happened, I could begin to work toward healing it.

Here's a post I wrote about the experience:


Good luck as you move to heal your nightmares and daydreams!


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Hi, Dan ,I have tried Gestalt I use it when I get angry rather than being violent towards a living being I take my anger out on a pillow or scream into one whichever seems right at the time, I am still trying to get support from the mental health services , but apparently unless you attempt to harm someone or yourself they don't give any help


That's wonderful, Dell01, that you already use Gestalt. Yes, getting the anger out on a pillow or with screaming - awesome! I've heard the mental health services aren't very much help.


That must be awful, Dell. I understand about the constant bad dreams, but mine don't usually follow me during the day. I don't sleep much at night... too many bad dreams for too many years.

I guess the question about undergoing hypnosis is whether not knowing is better than taking the chance of really having fears to deal with worse than what they are now. I don't know that I would risk it, but that's just me. I have enough real fears without worrying about looking for trouble. But, that's a question only you can answer. I think that sometimes those fuzzy memories are a way our minds deal with the trauma. Our mind's way of protecting us from the full horror.

I hope you can find the answer that's best for you.

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I lost my nerve doing the hypnosis route So am trying to find something more suitable thank you AnyaC


I'm glad you made the decision that's comfortable for you. Go with your instincts! :) There are times we must force ourselves to step out of our comfort zones, but that isn't one of them.

Be kind to yourself... <3


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