Heal My PTSD

Frustration mounting

Good morning friends

Today is Saturday 06/0/15 . Several things going on in my head today. Excitement that my daughter is getting married a week from today and I am living in Florida and she lives in North Carolina. So the good news I get to spend some time with her and her new husband, plus see my son here this comming week. The downside is I am in a lot of distress and having difficulty finding gratitude and being positive right now. The reason being is that I am in recovery and a part of several 12 step groups. I must admit that I am not experiencing step 1 of the 12 steps around my co- dependency illness and lust.noth lust and co -dependency has a lot of power over me. The body's emtional brain has diseases of addiction and injuries from post- traumatic injuries. I am so stressed out and cannot relax. I know autonomic nervous system needs help..hope and healing. I keep self medicating this inner distress and feel this pain within is so overwel ing I had felt like quitting and just giving up this weak.


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