Getting triggered at work

Hello friends

It's Monday night 01/26/15 I am all over the place today. Beating myself up from " acting out" in a addiction yesterday again. I am mad at myself in looking back . The stress disorder was building up in me yesterday and rather than use new tools I had learned in emtional frredom tech I failed to use those tools and gave into cruising for lust again. Then tonight I get someone angry at me because I forgot to write down a message to pass on to a co worker now this is another triggering event to get me emtionally upset again. I am using my eft tapping skills to try to bring that building inner distress down. On a scale from 1 to 10 ten being the highest that emtional distress is around 8 and its building again tknight. Thank god I am not raging on anybody . Just a lot of fear and anxiety. Afaid of rejection or not getting this guy at work approval. . I made a mistake. Mistakes are for learning. But some people especially in a work setting don't see it that way.

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  • Good to hear you are trying EFT. Be patient with yourself. You are right mistakes are human. You can't control how someone else will act. Keep trying.

  • Hey capejoy09001

    Thanks for your validating my experience. Thanks for reducing the shame and guilt that I was feeling.that truly can be a healing experience.

  • Hello capejoy0901

    Thank you friend. It Tuesday night 01/27/15 . Everything does seem to be working out. I seem to be such a pessimist and always see the negative side of things , at first glance. I will indeed keep trying. Thanks for your kind attention to validate my sufferring

  • Hi Wilderness Scout,

    I appreciate you being so honest and real with where you are at. is so easy to beat ourselves up when we have a hard day and "relapse" into an old pattern/habit that no longer serves us. Been there. Done that. Who hasn't?

    Sorry you forgot to pass on a message at your new job. That is such a common, human mistake. The guy is a real jerk if he holds a grudge over this! :(

    Yes! I have fear of rejection & disapproval too! :( Damn!

    Can you think about what is NOT wrong?

    You have a job!

    You are using EFT!

    You have this forum of caring, understanding people!

    You didn't rage on anyone!

    Today, is a new day. Hope it is a better one for you!

  • Hey abideinlove

    Thanks for reducing my shame and guilt and he me realize I am a recovering human being. Thanks for your compassion and non judgement.

  • Your welcome! :)

    How was your day today? Any better?

  • Hey abideinlove

    Yes maybe just a little bit. Today is Tuesday 01/27/15 . Thanks for helping feel like I belong somewhere.

  • Try to forgive yourself. You are under tremendous stress and doing the best you can!

  • Sandy historian

    Thank you it seems I do better at loving myself after you love me before I can learn to love myself truly. Your right. I guess I am on the pity pot today. Today is Tuesday 01/27/15" I am getting into a lot of self pity and self loathing . I am having some health challenges over a old back injury that can turned into some arthritis that is causing some major problems. I know that all underneath all this superficial stuff like acting out. Thanks for reducing my shame and gult and still accepting me. It's really healing experience for me. All I have is this community right now . I cannot afford professional counseling.

  • Hey sandy

    Forgive me for misspelling your last name. That was a mistake on my part when I got the fat finger. Sorry .i will do better next time.

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