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A Psychiatrist who spent all of 15 minutes told me in a dismissive way I do not have PTSD

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I have seen over 20 doctors and get many diagnosis, but they always diagnosis me with C-PTSD. So now I am in this Out Patient program and this psychiatrist assigned to me was dismissive and rude and told me I did not have it without letting me explain my horrific child hood. I was so triggered and angry by this. It made me feel that the horrors I lived through were invalidated. I got support from a very wise FB friend and she said I should just let it go. That I was there to get help and to focus on that. So I spent today trying to figure out how to let it go, because I am so pissed. Well, I decided I will eventually see another therapist outside of the program and I know I will get this diagnosis and that it is OK if this dismissive doctor lacks the compassion and time to hear me out. I fired him and asked for another psychiatrist and she may or may not give me the opportunity to explain. I don't know how I will do as everyday I feel different, but I hope it does not cause me to much distress.

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That is just awful, WiseOwl! The psychiatrist's behavior was so unprofessional and just rude that I can't believe he's allowed to see patients. I'm so sorry you went through that. I can completely understand how angry and frustrated you were. I would have felt exactly the same.

The upside - "I fired him" - way to go to take back the power! That is a strong action, and I applaud you for taking it! :)

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Firing him was easy. He wanted to change my meds and I told him, "No, because I can't trust you. "

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Wonderful for you to set that boundary!

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My new psychiatrist has acknowledged it and spoke to me about transference. What was interesting is another patient fired him as well. Thank you for the kudos.

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Great that you got confirmation from the new psychiatrist! I can imagine the other psychiatrist has been fired several times!

You're very welcome! :)

Good for you for firing him. My feeling is that a good therapist may not even have to know the details of your childhood to diagnose you. The behavior and symptoms are there. I have fired a few therapists too.

For me, talk therapy isn't even the answer anymore. Trauma is in the body: therefore the arts, movement, altering brain rhythms, and other actions are the cure, not talking and intellectualizing. But that's just me.

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I agree. I am a talking therapist and have had years of being in talking therapy as part of my training. BUT I am now going for AIT , which focuses on the body's energy as my route to recovery. EMDR is also effective.

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I don't think talk therapy works for me either. It is to hard reliving it, but I do work with them on coping strategies and support. I am also interested in other types of therapies. I am considering hypnosis.

Thank you for your response. It helps to know that others have had arrogant doctors who don't listen.

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I had bad experience with psychiatrist when I was 18 yrs old. Trying to tell him in a very veiled way about my abuse, he dismissed me as 'immature'!

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I think it just causes more damage when we are not validated.

Oh my goodness it happened to me!!!

It was the first psychiatrist I saw, he diagnosed me with postpartum depression, 2 years after my 7th baby was born (I never had postpartum before and nothing was différent this this baby, except PTSD symptoms, having had a huge trauma 1 month before his birth. I saw 3 doctors at the time+ a paychologist, thinking something is wrong with me, they were all adamant it was not postpartum depression.

They were not sure what it was because I couldnt tell my trauma, but they were all sure of one thing: it was not postpartum depression, I didnt have the symptoms of it.)

Anyway, this psychiatrist, I told him about the trauma, and all he does is: no, all it is is postpartum depression, and you are going to take this medicine, for a year and that's it.

I freaked out, knowing he was wrong and how could I trust what he prescribed? But he said that it's the medicine I should take, because in case I get pregnant again it is compatible, and that way the pregnancy won't be a big deal!!!!!

He just told me that all my horrible symptoms were postpartum depression (2 years after the birth!?) and at the same time, he would put me on medication and the next pregnancy should be fine!!???

I lost the desire of any other baby right there, and I felt like a fury inside.

And I stopped believing in myself and my instinct and who I was, because apparently I got it all so wrong about myself. I didn't know about PTSD yet, so I just humbled myself and did what he said.

But everytime there was a trigger (now I know), I felt much worse that before the medication!!!! Because I thought it's supposed to work, it doesn't so I'll never feel better!!!

I did my research, learnt about PTSD, diagnosed myself.

Since then I have seen 2 professionals who diagnosed me with PTSD and I felt totally pacified with that because I know it is true, even if it is not good news.

I am going to see a psychiatrist this week, who says I have Complex PTSD, and is going to change my medication.

And since I am diagnosed with PTSD, the desire of another baby came back straight away, even if I won't have one now because I want to fix myself first. My point is : this psychiatrist traumatized me, and even killed in me one of my basic instinct and desire, I felt so betrayed and angry and lost, and I lost all confidence in myself as a result, for....7 months!!!!!!!!!

So I understand very well, it is one of the worse things, to be let down by a professional.

He was very arrogant as well, and did not listen at all once he very quickly made up his mind. I even tried to talk about past trauma (teenager), and he said, looking incredulous: how is this possible?!!!

Now I know.

You should trust yourself first.

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Sorry you had to go through that. I am looking for a support and coping skills therapist and I am making sure that they are skilled in C-PTSD. I also have a few interview questions that I ask and if they don't know the answer then I know they are not the doctor for me. I know longer will waste my time and money on Dr.'s who don't know the answers to my interview questions.

Good for you for standing up for yourself. Your in the driver's seat not some psychiatrist who has a closed mind. Good luck in finding the right person who can assist and support you. And keep trying everyday. Do not give up.

I have only met ONE Psychiatrist that wasn't the most arrogant jack wad on the planet. Training is great, but if that training does not include ACTIVE listening and Compassion and the leaving of Ego outside the door, then you haven't received what you need as a patient.

Applause, applause- for not accepting what you know is not true. Letters after a name only guarantee they went to school, not that they actually LEARNED anything.

Hugs to you.

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That's one more than me!! Smile! My experiences have been worthy of Ripley Believe it Not material. This is truly sad - so much trust is given to those because of creditials & as you say - how do we know what their true agenda may be? Buyer beware!!!

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I couldn't agree more. Hugs to your too.

Good for you. You know yourself better than any other person including psychiatric practitioners. I am sorry that this therapist was dismissive. There could be 100's of reasons why, but none of them matter. The important point is that you stood up for yourself and didn't allow this infringement on your integrity to continue. There will likely be many times when you will be able to use this "muscle" with other so-called experts in the future to your benefit and for the benefit of others. Good for you! Keep strengthening your belief in your experience and your knowledge and your gut.

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Thank you for your kind words.

No one is a third rate human. You were denied justice by an ignorant bureaucrat. It's not about you -- please don't make it personal. What you experienced has happened to many good people.

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Thank you :)

Very true. No one believed me either for 12 years!

Amen! Was incorrectly diagnosed w/bi-polar disorder - I was suffering from empty nest syndrome ( my sons were now off @ college). I have very little respect for Dr. & even less for Psychitrist! Like a friend of mine said the Dr. Who really care & are NOT in it for the $$$$$! Those Dr. Are in Africa or other places that needs are dire. Just a thought - mine.

Learning to trust ones own instinct in life is parimont - believing because someone had a title Dr. Lawyer Clergy ect. Does not make them any better than a layman willing to research for oneself. Listening to what they have to say - yes, BUT you need to have the right to say what's works or doesn't work for you. To thine own self be true.!!!! I think sooo.

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A question.

Because of the injuries I received in a road traffic accident my instincts became for a while unreliable. I had to re-learn things which had gone walk about and gain new skills in order to handle the health disability that I was left with.

When a change occurs which is totally new you have nothing to base past experience on. You are heavily reliant on the professionals. Who can be very untrustworthy.

How can you tell when instincts are reliable? At what point can you start to trust them again?

I am still trying to come up with an answer to this one. You thoughts on this will be most helpful.

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John Smith - it's been my experience that sometimes you have no choice but to say a prayer & hope for the best. BUT do your homework. Learn ways of doing for yourself when possible. My back -spine -leg skeletal parts of my body were injured & I hurt - they wanted me to go for physical therapy -went once & knew this would NOT be my answer -bought massage apparatus @ Target for back & neck -also used it on my legs. Warm showers & rest & more rest -I was fortunate to have the time - no one ever treated me better than how I treated myself - love heals all & I did my best to care for me & I believe in God & prayed often. You can just take the best care of yourself - pay attention to what helped others improve. Get reading material on what ails you - the Internet has sites -make a notebook of what helps ect. You can do this - I did #1 love yourself & believe. Just my thought - read up on any drugs prescribed by any physician - many are addictive -they ALWAYS forget to mention this. My prayers are w/you John. God speed.

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Thanks for the reply.

It was most helpful.

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Your welcome <3

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I practice self care. I try to eat healthy, work out, meditate, ect. I also take classes on CBT, DBT and anger management. I have to work with baby steps on reading and researching, because it overwhelms me at times. I am spiritual and this helps keep hope alive and I have a supportive and loving spouse, which helps me a lot.

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Please get this book used on amazon.com "The Drama of the Gifted Child" It talks about why people become therapists and how some of them are in big denial about their own childhood abuse so they deny yours. I would like to know what you think of it.

Thanks for the information. I think they can be arrogant and don't take time to listen. I will check into the book, again thanks for the referral.

I am in the same boat with my current therapist. It is extremely hurtful, but it is a clear warning sign that you do need to start finding a therapist who is more trauma focused. I have looked into Rachelgrantcoaching.com and Lisa Romano's videos for support and found far more help that what I have received from my invalidating therapist (I have to operate that she is trying to help me by what she is saying, but is just not qualified). Also finding a good somatic bodywork therapist has made the most difference for me. That therapy has given me a real chance to regulate my emotions and lessened the physical symptoms loads!!!

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