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I faded out this weekend . I guess that's what I would call it.

Seeing so many faces

so many new people

that I can't differentiate

Friend or foe?

Or hostile enemy

I blank out

I shut down a bit

& Just fade away.

The only known way of coping.

I have to withdraw


For my own (their?) protection?

I bow out

& sleep as much

between the tears

& I Don't see the light for days.

Tags: Isolation

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Beautiful poem, X23. Thank you for sharing it.


Thank you


Very expressive poem, x_23! I totally get it!


Thank you for reading


You're very welcome!


I can totally relate to this. I ride the light rail to work everyday and it's so hard to "be seen" and have everyone stare. Sometimes it's so brutal to bare and feel so trapped with no where to go, no where to look, escape, etc. I have to go within like I always used to and I feel like everyone is looking at me like "what the hell is wrong with her?"

This is why I like to stay at home so much on days I don't have to go to work. I need to withdraw, recede, protect, hide...even while still wanting to "belong" and fit in somewhere.


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