how sad is their life if they have time to cause you anguish, I will shortly be sacked for work related injuries and obviously the fact that I am now mentally scarred. I'm worn and torn and yet still better off than they are with their wretched self serving survival at all cost attitude. Keep smiling G they think they are winning but who would you rather be. x

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  • You are so right Margot

    this poisonous little worm that copied my fb included one of those poster things that are designed for sharing a bit like the minions. It said something like a bad manager wears a workforce down to the point where the able ones flee, and those that remain become demotivated. I had seen it and thought it was very true so shared and put "very true" on it. But she even included that.

    Funnily enough my way, I vented amongst friends and said on fb that i would rather ride the storm rather than face the problems that a grievance would cause, managers behaviour had been a bit better for a week or so, so although i would never trust her again the dust was settling, now all her bad behaviour is known to her manager and I might be disciplined or sacked. So whatever this silly girl intended, it has probably misfired. If she was protecting my manager then she has failed, if it was meant to help my rights as an individual then it failed, and who knows how it will end but if all that happens is a slap on the wrist or if worst case scenario I'm sacked it won't really have achieved much from her point of view. Obviously just one of those girl things where they enjoy scratching eyes out.

    I'm sure you have seen an awful lot of that in your sort of work.

    I wouldn't want any of their lives. Apart from being that nasty inside none of them have long term stability, nor do they have what it takes to survive in the real world.

    Thanks for your time margot

  • Ah Margot, you might be down but your not out. Each day I wake up on this side of the grass is a blessing.

  • Yes, it is Lindyloo, Also the people who love us and try to support us are a blessing too.

  • Hey G I have left this forum. I did not like the attitude of someone today. I have logged out. Wanted to give you my email

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