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So I made the decision to go for early retirement due to my ptsd. I did what pensions advised (or rather my husband did). By ringing my place of work and asking for PEN22A for to enable me to take early retirement. I am terrible on the phone so hubby did it for me. Hubby happened to mention that in his opinion they were not supportive and their duty of care was severely lacking. My ptsd is as a result of 15 years in high risk employment and numerous serious assaults.

Today the day after I say I want to take early retirement. They have hand delivered a letter saying they are putting together a panel to discuss capability issues and will consider terminating my employment. They have told me to attend. I am not able to go to something so formal. I do not want them to see me like this.

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  • Sorry you have to go through this. It makes me so angry. Not sure if this will help you, but PTSD is considered a disability under the Disability Act. Through this act I was able to complete a form to get a less stressful environment for my desk at work.

    Not sure if they can help you from being terminating.

    Hang in there!

  • Hi parrotlet

    There is no stressless place where I have worked. I do not have a desk.. I did not realise PTSD is a disability so thank you for that. I have a union solicitor. I am doing what I can. I have an unblemished record and this is so insulting and demeaning. I am please for you that you were able to sort out your job situation.

    I will hang in there

    M :)

  • I totally get this. Get a doctors note to this effect that you are unable to attend on health grounds and courier the note to. Them.

  • Thank you lindy that is a good idea. My GP has been so amazing. I will do that.

    M :)

  • Great advice so far it's definately the way to go, let other people fight for you Margaret you deserve some support


  • Thank you suetufty who knew there were so many broken and lovely people around.

    M :) x

  • We're not broken honey..we are rustic ( a little faded tatty and battered) but we can be mended and each scar we wear shows we tried..hugs

  • Speechless (not usually my way) thank you Sue Each morning i wake hoping to feel different NORMAL whatever that is. I am always apologising for me my existence my persona. But really I do like me it just feels like I am the only one celebrating my quirks and my real identity. Example up and awake at stupid o clock :) x

  • Yoy need to go. Of they win

  • Hey Shelly corporations always win. But I will not go quietly :) M

  • Good fur you

  • Been there was finished on capabilities get your pension forms in as soon as possible don't leave it hun fight um and good luck xx

  • Will it effect my pensions if i lose my jpb

  • It did mine margaret I can't get a full pension now

  • Just a thought. If they finish you on capabilites you will still get choices about your pension. You will ofcourse lose the time you might have still worked into the future and the payments you might have made and your employer would have matched but when my husband was terminated fromhis job he had choices and chose to take a lump sum that cleared our debts and a small immediate pension but he could have had a higher pension or left it frozen.

    If the worst happens and with the right counsel it shouldn't, then what about taking a much less stressful job maybe part time. Something you would enjoy. A new fresh clean start.

    Just a thought. My hubby did. We paid of debts, downsized to a rural area where property is cheap and he works 2days a week to achieve the same standard of living.

    Also if there were no complaints on record regarding your performance prior to your husband speaking out how can they suddenly decide you are not performing? Have you thought of suing them for damages regarding your ptsd and their lack of support, maybe the threat might make them more open to negotiations.

    Good luck

  • I have a totally clean record prior to this. They are talking about the impact on them now I am not there. I am waiting to hear from a solicitor (through my union) whether I have a case for suing them. We plan to move too and have what we used to have which was a poultry farm. Animals are totally easy to get on with. They have no agenda. M :)

  • I agree Margaret. When my husband was sacked I thought my world had ended but actually neither of us would go back to how it was. Not for anything.

    I wish you luck, strength and faith and hope you get to kick some arse!

  • I think sometimes we think our career defines us but it doesn't really. My hubby has a simple job at M and S he is so chilled. No issues and they have been so supportive through my illness.

    Thank you for talking to me. I have some italian heritage I can kick arse real well. Just hate the way my body takes over sometimes and portrays me as defenceless and vulnerable. My husband loves that I am not in that job anymore. For a start I am here when he gets home. No more sleep ins and 24 hour shifts. :) :)

  • I know what you mean about the body letting you down. It sounds like you have done your bit in the past to try to make life better for others. It's your turn now. There is always another way, you have a great husband and you are intelligent. You have far more than many of your colleagues.

    I'm thinking maybe the public sector is not the right place for me, too many unemployable people desperately trying to justify their own existence and fight for the only job they are ever likely to have! Maybe the time has come once this is all resolved for a similar change for you. Thanks for chatting

  • Wish I had some brilliant words of wisdom to add, but I don't. Am glad you got a lawyer to speak for you. Sounds like you have a really good husband who loves you. Good Luck & hope you get to kick ass as well.

  • Thanks tyzack. There are alot of bad and corrupt people in high ranking positions. I would much rather be me. :)

    My hubby is a good man 12 years younger than me. We have been married three years known one another for 7.

  • Ok now decided I am going to my hearing and I will be honest and give them some home truths. They have probably already made their decision but I will upset their day. Wish me strength x

  • I completely understand not wanting to be judged by others over something you have no control over. You are brave to face this infront of a panel whether its in person or not. Good luck with the outcome!

  • Thank you. They put the date back two weeks. For goodness sake sack me already. Not really just feel they are hindering my healing process :)

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