Losing friends

While I have still got some good friends, my circle of friends seems to be reducing. I'm not sure if they are all just getting busy with life, or if it's me. I feel like I can't relate to them anymore. I feel like a different person. I feel I'm trying to fake the person I was before, but it's clear to all I'm no longer that person. With on going impacts on my life from what caused my ptsd, making it hard to push through, I feel my friends just want someone who is happy without problems in their life (despite not talking about it much with them). I don't know maybe it's my mindset at present? Has anyone else gone through changes in friendships or relating to people who you were once close to?

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  • Hi Jeness

    Chronic health problems come with this side affect unfortunatley, sometimes. My philosophy formed through similar dropping off of people is this: when the going gets tough, your friends dig deep with you. If others find it a bore, or are disappointed that, shucks are you not well YET? Then they are very fortunate not to really understand, because they can't imagine what you go through and don't attempt to educate themselves about your plight.

    Friends will be friends, as Queen sang. Those others are not friends but butterfly aquaintances so when you stop to count up, remember to only count your true buddies. Butterflies, don't count.

    We are with you, know what you are going through, we understand and are with you now and in the future. Quality not quantity counts!

    Best regards. Your mate in extremis

    Hugs OOO

  • Your response made me smile. You are very wise and kind.

  • Boy do I get this one. I wrote a poem a couple of years ago about how I saw friends dropping away. A whole lot of them just didn't want to hear about a healing journey.


  • Thank you for sharing your poem. It has helped me look at the positives. Room for the new. Thank you

  • You're welcome, Jenness. I'm glad the poem gave you some helpful insight. :)

  • i snapped verbally at a false 'friend' of mine and she still wont forgive me 2 years later. She triggered me off with something she said. Others have witnessed my verbal outbursts and now refuse to speak to me.

  • It is comforting to know I'm not the only one. I'm sorry you know what it feels like though.

  • I spent my entire session in therapy last night sobbing, much of it related to this very issue. I do understand. Those who can stick with you through the long haul are so few and far between.

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