animals are great

animals are great

i let my dog help me when i have an attack or when he feels that i need to relax and he does this on his own without being trained since he was five weeks old cause my old dog i had for 15 years past away feb. 7 2014 and i got bear feb. 8 2014 and its almost been a year since that happened but look at the pic of my pup and you will relax cause i do and he got his name cause he is soft and cuddly like a teddy bear

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  • What a wonderful puppy - such loving eyes! Hey from Fort Worth! :)

  • how you doing dan

  • I'm doing great here. Watched my two cats run around the house, now they're both asleep. :)

  • thats the same with Bear sleeping on my bad left foot and snoring lol

  • Oh too funny! My cat Winston sleeps on my right foot! Soon as I crawl in bed, he's there! :)

    Off to crash now. Talk to you soon!

  • He is cute. I love his eyes.

  • He looks like a fine companion and looks like a loving little soul.

  • oh he is and he loves to cuddle to

  • My cat helps me through panic. He sits on my legs until they are still again. Don't know where I would be without him.

  • when i went through hell with my ex (long story) my old dog helped me and now Bear is an awesome companion he aint just a animal to me he is my pal

  • If it were not for my dogs i would have checked out of planet earth a long time ago. Now my best friend has betrayed me so that may lose my job of 17 years. I have never been so betrayed in my life. I have ZERO trust for humans. I work for military and they are constantly retraumatizing

    Me beyond belief. I would have killed myself if it were not for the love of my dogs. I will not leave them no matter how evil the military is to me.

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