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Not a good day or night 😢

After having a great 4days the longest ever😊 The triggers start one after the other so busy in the shop to do anything about them! When suddenly my boss pings my elastic band!! "Oww" that hurt!! She said you were white as a sheet that's why I did it!! It helped stop me shaking on the spot!! Felt really wiped out but continued my shift! Tried to relax all evening but was so jumpy and wired up so took the dogs out ! Walking relaxed me 😊 Bedtime is awful 😢 Bad flashback people leaning over me someone pushing a tube down my throat! 😢😢 can't stop shaking! Writing this on here is helping me calm down its like talking to a friend! Really really hate nighttime 😢 everything was going so well and now I'm back to square one! I hate what my illness has done to me! Nobody sees how I'm hurting inside my brain is screaming help me! PTSD sucks!! Sensible half of me tells mushy peas me" stop being a baby" I'm sitting stroking my dog that is helping calm down my racing heart! Hopefully I will get some sleep! Sorry for the rant! 😊🌻x

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Don't feel discouraged. Four days without a trigger is a good thing. Sometimes it's hard not to get annoyed at people doing what to them is very normal but to us sufferers it's very tramatic. I hope you feel better when you wake up tomorrow - sending hugs


Thanks Kerryneedstosmile it helps to know I have support and am not alone. I can cope with daytime triggers although they wipe me out. It's nightime I have a hard job dealing with, I'm learning slowly! Someone on here said not to fear the not sleeping just to go with the flow great advice 😊 I've been doing that and it's been working until last night 😟 But I will put that down to a glitch and hopefully tonight will be better!😊 Take care 🌻😊x


Reaching out for support when struggling is essential part of healing. That's when our support system (including this forum) can help us get through the worst of our symptoms.

It is a coping mechanism to reach out and get support from others.

You did great, sharing both your struggles and successes.

Unfortunately that's the nature of ptsd, as many on here know all too well. After having good day(s), suddenly something triggering can happen (we might be unaware of what triggered us) and the symptoms hit.

Some grounding techniques might help, but generally it just needs to pass. Fighting it makes it only worse and last longer. I have very useful CD's of Claire Weekes on this subject, if anyone wants more information.

Be gentle with yourself xxx

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I'd be very interested in anything that makes the triggers/attacks easier to cope with or less tiresome or stressful?


It's a very good question, thank you for asking.

I will get back to you, Kerry, as soon as I have a moment.


I was unable to get back to you today but will do tomorrow, sorry for the delay but I will not forget.


Hi Kerryneedstosmile,

I have found some resources about dealing with flashbacks and triggers.






The start page of how to deal with symptoms (click on the relevant subject from there):


There is a slight problem. The links to podcasts from changeyouchoose are not working anymore. I have contacted Michele about it and she said that all the resources are moved to healmyptsd.com

From my own therapy and experience, the things that help me to get out of a triggered state are usually about distraction (doing something silly or funny, like sign a song, stand on one leg, watch very funny video) or mindfulness (use all senses to see, hear, smell, touch, taste something in the present moment). I have videos of seaside (ocean waves) that helps calm me down. I carry an mp3 player with my music with me everywhere, I also carry an interior design magazine (looking at nice interiors helps me). I put inspirational photos on my phone.

Touch helps me to get out of it, so I would say a hug is a good thing if possible.

But sometimes, no matter how much I try, I can't get out of it quickly. I accept it and give myself time out, wait and let it pass.

That's what I can think of from the top of my head for now, but if I come up with any more ideas, I will post about it.

Also, you might check the topics section for those two topics and what others experiences are.


Hi Nathalie I know Kerryneedtosmile requested this but I read it and was amazed at the topics until now I wasn't really understanding my PTSD now I'm slightly clearer! I don't have to be afraid of it, my symptoms don't have to frighten me anymore when I get triggered I can try to ground them or I can allow them to fade on their own if they are too strong for me! Nothing bad is going to happen to me if I have one! During the day is fine! It's nightime I have to try to control and I'm slowly going to take each night as it comes!! Thanks for this my friend you have made me a happier person tonight anyway! Goodnight and sleep well! Xxx Avril


Thank you, Avril.

You don't have to be afraid of your symptoms. That fear perpetuates itself and adds to the whole spiral.

I am having hard time too during nighttime, so you are not alone.

It's good for me as well to remind myself those things.

Have a good night Xxx


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