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Don't put words in my mouth

food for thought - Heard a man say to his wife "don't put words in my mouth."This to me seemed an interesting take on her story that he had said such & such - a disclaimer I guess. My thought - any science wizards out there - is it possible to put words into ones subconscious through say hypnosis - so when you hear a signal sound phase ect that you are activated to say what you've been Pre -programmed to say. example your pulled over for going over the speed limit - & you know you weren't but on their (cops) microphone - you say "I know I was speeding" say what - but you heard it with your own ears. How when you've read Ann Landers & she says - your name - address & nothing more until you have your lawyer with you - she says no matter what the hick up is - You say NOTHING but name rank & serial number - & your chit chatting like chatty Kathy herself - what gives - nervous - No -- in disbelief - somewhat - because once you get the citation you know without a doubt you weren't. It was a 55 mph zone. Long story short - came out if road construction 45 mph & looking for sign to say what speed limit is - no signs present - not posted @ this time -yet - like your going to be going 74 mph while searching - one would need to be brain dead to do something that stupid. So what gives. Are there devices implanted in say a crown tooth or something that could activate one saying what another would want you to say - but the kicker here is in your voice - not like on the wizard of Oz when he cranks up his machine to sound like a wizard - folks come on we've walked on the moon - & heard Armstrong say - A giant step for mankind. We didn't imagine it right? Right. So think about it from the moon to earth & messages relayed from earth to the moon - now what gives why in the years since the moon walk has science developed methods to place a device on or in a subject & have enough mind control through this device to speak what they want you to say but not in their voice but the natural voice of individual - maybe knowing how to stop words in their track & put in place what THEY wanted you to say - Yes, I was speeding - what kind of idiot says that one bugged with some type of well engineered microphone capable of saying the words they want you to speak BUT in your own voice. Doable!! YEAH I think so. If this was possible the next step would be to converse with the individual - maybe if not on friendly terms with the carrier -implanted human - one might use harassment could serve the controller of this device well wouldn't you say? Now science technological geeks what gives can laymen with the help of say physician / dentist - say given the right incentive perform an operation when say under unconcious for a colonoscopy - or rhinoplasty - their choice they just need you out - my question is can this be done? ( If a person is deaf they have devices that implanted can improve their hearing ) -different sense BUT doable - Only in America hey - any thoughts welcome. Thanks.

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Hypnosis can be used by psychopaths to program you to do things in response to a trigger, as happened to me. This is part of my PTSD.

How does one know who is a psychopath upon first meeting? They are very charming and offer solutions to your problems.

Your fillings in your teeth can conduct radio waves, believe it or not. This happened to me. I started hearing a radio station being broadcast in my head. I didn't tell anyone because I thought I was imagining it, but later found this to be true.

As for someone sending signals through an implant in your mouth, I have not heard of this but anything is possible.

Marlenam - you said a mouthful - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - and the Steven Spielbergs of our world maybe privy to things that the common Jo is NOT. It's not raw imagination it's when these film makers get it - it is being trialed & aired & used on an unsuspecting society. You know - They do this for our own good (rediculous ) & the fact that knowledge is power & why share the power when you don't have to - could give one super powers like say life or death plus, what they don't know can and probably has hurt us or is that The US or is that really US! If you know what I mean. Who done it mentality -NOT The US?!?!?

When bizarre things happen in my life & I share what has transpired with a loved ones - they usually try to make sense out of Bizarre - which is challenging @ best - as one said recently - what do you THINK? Now I figure after years of ?able happening - aliens have invaded - & I wake & in the dressing room I see him tearing off his or her prosthetic face - it's NOT an alien it's - fill in th blank - I wake! Now I just tell loved ones I'm planning to hear from Stielberg anyday now. Should this not bring laughter - truth sucks doesn't it @ times.

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