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TRE therapy

Good morning all. Warm wishes n healing vibes to us all. Want to ask a question please. I've been working with a lovely therapist who's helped me a lot and she wants to do this TRE therapy and I wondered if any one knows about it or had it and if it's helpful. I'm newly diagnosed with p.t.s.d so I'm on a new journey to try and heal myself instead of convincing myself it wasn't me but another me who was abused.

Thanks all. Neli xx

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Hi, Neli! TRE can be amazingly effective for PTSD recovery (I have a friend who swears by it). I actually interviewed Dr. David Berceli (TRE founder) on my radio show. Take a listen to how he discovered it (through his own traumatic experience), how it works and why it's useful: changeyouchoose.com/tension...

Of course, then check in with yourself and see if it resonates with you. There are tons of PTSD recovery modalities so you can choose to use what you feel comfortable with. :)


Thanks so much, I will absolutely listen in. Neli x


Think there should be cautions with this type of bioenergetic non verbal therapy

Many years ago I had similar Lowen based therapy,abreacted badly,

became psychotic and put under section

My therapist never asked me anything about my childhood etc just extensive bodywork which resulted in the shaking etc and subsequent visit by the men in white coats with a syringe full of largactil.

When I called her at later date she was non caring and dismissive.


Hi Neli! I had to look up TRE, but then realized I had been using that technique for a long time. I did a feelings group - about how feelings released from our bodies - many years ago, and it described shaking to release fear. A therapist I worked with said the feelings from abuse were "trapped in our bodies at the cellular level." It has proven true for me. I've had a lot of fear in my world, from life threatening situations. I have had to release those fears physically, in a similar way to the video I saw about TRE.

I watched a CNN special on PTSD, and it showed a soldier who had just gotten out of combat in WWI. He was sitting by the side of the road shaking violently. I think he was naturally trying to release the fear, just like in the TRE therapy.

As I have released those fears physically, they resolve, and I typically find myself able to do something that was fearful before. It's worked for me for a long time, and is one of the most powerful tools in my healing journey.

Best wishes for your healing journey! :)



Hi dan, thanks for the reply. I'm on a new journey of healing and I experience the violent shaking, it's scary in itself because I wondered what is happening to me. I'm looking forward to trying this treatment as I've heard such positive experiences. I will let you know how it goes. Warm wishes. Neli x



You're very welcome. If you're already shaking, sounds to me like your body has naturally found the TRE benefit. I bet you'll be amazed by how similar the therapy is to what's happening to you now. When my body shakes, I just cooperate with it, and let it continue. It's my body trying to heal itself.

Do keep me posted! :)



hi Dan i found your reply to be immensely helpful regarding TRE i watched the videos thanks to your link you put up and im starting it with a therapist next week not too keen on doing anything in a group setting Dan did you find that the TRE helped you with the emotional numbing aspenct of PTSD? what kinds of things did you notice in your body when you started to feel better from doing the Tre?


hi funkygypsy,

I'm glad you found my reply and the videos helpful!

Honestly, the whole concept felt weird when it was described to me. I've never done shaking in a group setting, and so I can't say how that would work.

As far as the TRE and emotional numbing - it has been enormously helpful with breaking that loose. For me, fear has been a big factor, and I was so afraid when I was suffering abuse that I numbed out and didn't feel anything.

I have experienced that I am more present in a situation after doing the shaking. I call the blocked feelings like "static" that keep me from getting in touch with what's going on for me.

The whole shaking concept has been one of the most powerful healing tools I've ever found. It leads to a lot of feeling strange - because I get into unfamiliar places, where I can deal with things better.

I was so reactive for many years that having a sense of self presence is disconcerting and takes some getting used to. It's kind of like if you have a limp for many years, and suddenly you're not limping. Strange sensation.

Keep me posted! :)

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thank you Dan so awesome hearing that and encouraging for me to as i am about to embark on it this week i will keep you posted thank you again this is such an awesome place to get in touch with people who have been where you have


You're very welcome, funkygypsy!

Yes, it's amazing how on this forum we can connect with others who are on a similar healing journey.

My best wishes and thoughts for your starting with TRE! :)


DanH I know it's the craziest feeling to sit and shake afterward. I am so glad to find out that this was a normal releasing process. So basically I need to go stand outside in a pair of shorts and a t shirt, in the freezing cold, and shake the fears away!! LOL! Oh if it were that easy eh? We would all be doing it.


Yes, crazytater, it does sound weird when you first do it, but this is one of the most powerful release tools I have - I can tell how I feel better and a little lighter each time I do it. I'm glad you're using this technique. I think a lot of people don't recognize what it is, and try to fight against it.


Hey Nelilove,

How is it going with the TRE? :)


The shaking can overcome me when I least expect it. I'd much rather get it out of my system in therapy.


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