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feeling absolutely rubbish today. have finished the course of antibiotics I was given for my cough which I have had since sept and Dr only recognized on my last appt.still coughing today tho not as much and my neck feels like it is being strangled.almost went to A&E today.

hardly eaten today apart from breakfast(cereal) and at lunch time never felt hungry so just made some noodles but couldn't eat them so my dog finished them for me.had another bowl of cereal in evening

watching EMBARASSING BODIES on tv tonight and a woman with a huge stomach ahd a hernia .could I have a hernia ?as my stomach now has a dip in the middle where my belly button is.my stomach feels like it is going to explode and is so hard..cannot get to sleep and both my dogs have come upstairs to bed.


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Hello Anbuma, if I had been you I would have gone to A&E today as they would have checked you out! Being on Antibiotics since September is not good for you but I think you should go and see your Doctor tomorrow and get him to check whether ypu have something else wrong with you other than your cough! Although there are a lot of Gastric bugs going round at the moment! I wish you better soon, Hugs Aisha x

hello Aisha

i dont think ive spoken to you before I haven't actually been on antibiotics since sept only the last week or so.he did say there are a lot of bugs going about btu I have had stomach probs for a long time and have had disagreements with my dr over the last few months about what is wrong.will phone surgery later today and if I cant get to see my gp then go to A&E tho my local hospital now only a minor injuries dept with the nearest A&E hospitals 60miles away.


Hmm well recently I have had my birthday valentines day Mother's Day and Easter ... Despite me saying no chocolate I have of course been bought loads , and I have eaten it.... I eat the chocolate my stomach swells up and goes hard I leave chocolate off for a week and my stomach goes down..... I have told my family now ... NO chocolate as it makes my stomach swell.......

VG x

anbuma in reply to Hidden

hello VG

I guess chocolate is my downfall.i rarely eat cakes and biscuits and never have puddings. having some chocolate does give me the energy boost I need.

my current chocolate is cadburys fudge.i should try and cut it out but that may not come easy.


It doesn't sound like a hernia, Anbuma, as hernias show up as distinct lumps, sometimes very large, but not as general swelling.

I saw that particular episode of Embarrassing Bodies, and the hernia was certainly enormous, - I'm surprised the lady hadn't done anything about it before!

It would be worth going the distance to A&E if it puts your mind at rest - you don't seem to have a lot of success with your GP.

Hope things improve for you soon.

Love from Moffy x

anbuma in reply to ladymoth

hello Moffy

about a year ago I had some hard pea -sized lumps in my abdomen.my Dr never did tell me what they were or if anything to be concerned about.at the time all he said was "I cant feel any".

ladymoth in reply to anbuma

That was probably the granular layer of fat over your abdomen. Everyone has this, and it can sometimes feel 'knobbly' - I guess what your GP meant was that he couldn't feel anything abnormal, but he doesn't seem too good at reassuring you!

Moffy x

why is it that doctors these days don't explain themselves when one goes to them with a problem.i have been with my Gp since 2005 and he is very good but just lately like the last year or so doesn't seem to give me any answers or ease my concerns.i have been back at least once a month with something or other and go back again if I don't get answers or things get worse.he is probably fed up with me keep going but I do have a genuine reason to go. i seem to only get answers from fellow fibromyalgia sufferers.since I spoke to practice manager and sent a letter to him re my concerns he did seem a whole let better on my last appointment about my cough and said to come back if things don't improve.


I'm glad your GP is being more helpful now.

I guess that like me, you are aware that the mental agony of extreme worry is far worse than most physical pain.

Most doctors are very competent, but some don't acknowledge that one of the most valuable things they can do for a patient is to explain and reassure.

If they did this, they would waste far less surgery time with the 'worried well', or with people who have chronic illnesses that need managing rather than aggressive treatment.

It looks as though your GP is beginning to learn - hope things improve for you soon!

Moffy x

thanks Moffy

those are the truest words. that's so true if they did more to reassure then I am sure i would nt

have had half the appointments I have had and things could have been sorted a lot sooner if they also listened. phoned for an apt with my GP today but none available hope fully I can get one tomorrow before he is away for a week.i guess it all comes down to money?


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