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cannot sleep

actually managed to cut my grass today(well some of it).feeling tired wanting to sleep all day.watched BGT and thought Attraction were absolutely amazing.

went to bed but not get to sleep-throat is tighter and lumpy(dr again said I cant feel anything)-is it because they don't want to admit they are wrong ,stomach feels hard,painfully sore and lumpy when pressed and i still think it is more than bloating (as my Dr actually said the other day)becasue of weight gain on my stomach and loss elsewhere.he said I have osteoarthritis in my fingers and I asked him if the icy coldness in my left hand is raynauds or something else he said it was.

to top that my elderly dog is next to me and very wheezy-breathing heavy.then annie has come upstairs and lain on the floor next to me-she gets worried when Buster is poorly.

I am certain that I have lupus from my symptoms-nasal ulcers,(still awaiting results of ct scan)

scalp condition-that is spreading,face rash/redness-butterfly shaped and redness of skin all over.lackof appetite.

my op is not until august,can I suffer that long? if my gallstones have been he problem all along then why didn't dr's investigate fro hem . my dr said when I saw him that he hopes my stomach will be better after the op.i thought to myself you didnt even arrange a ct scan when i asked fro another one and it now seems that you are taking ??(whatever the word is that I want to use)for gallstones being discovered. every time I look in the mirror my stomach looks bigger than ever,it was so hot today yet I had to wear a fleece to hide my pregnant-looking stomach.

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If its any comfort I am sure all the medical people you have seen you wouldn't tell you things were right if they weren't just because they didnt want to admit they were wrong ... In these times its so easy to sue for wrongful diagnosis .. Missed illnesses they can't afford to take chances.....

I know I can't eat chocolate but I did yesterday and within an hour my stomach had bloated up amazingly... It was hard and uncomfortable all day ... It's just starting to flatten out now... So you may be eating something everyday that makes you bloat .... Everyone is different mine just happens to be chocolate....

Just a thought

Vg x


thanks Vg.

when I go to drs and they make a diagnosis ,am I wrong to expect them to give me some treatment or advice? -in this case if it is bloating-advice on what foods to avoid etc.he has never said this and last thursday was the first time he had actually mentioned "bloating".

i do have very little appetite and only have breakfast and a small meal at lunch time.i never eat cakes biscuits puddings or snacks(maybe snacks on a rare occasion).

I don't have very much of anything to eat.


It might not be snacks it could be something healthy or what I would class as healthy... I wondered where my bloating came from I do look pregnant when I bloat .... Or maybe more like a puffa fish .. :) So I just eliminated one thing for a week if I didnt bloat I added it back in and took something else out..... I found out really quickly it was chocolate cos I love the stuff.... So I occasionally give in and have a day of uncomfortable bloating... Maybe it is something. You would think about trying and if nothing helps then you can go back to your GP and say... I don't think this is bloating as I have tried food exclusion

Vg x


I don't know what I could cut out.i don't eat red meat after the horse meat scandal.i know cauliflower and broccoli cause bloating and my dr said avoid mashed potato. am sure I have said to my dr in the past I don't think it is bloating .I do eat chocolate but only as an energy boost now and again.that could be a cause.would bloating (if it is that)cause weight gain?i still think it is a cyst or something just because of the hardness and the fact that I have hard pea sized lumps all over.



If I eat dried fruit it makes me very bloated and uncomfortable, apricots are the worst. After long and painful experiences I know to avoid them, sadly I love them but they don't agree with me. Bloating is very individual and many GP's have little idea about food allergies or sensitivites. Also what affects one person will not affect another.

You could keep a food diary for a couple of weeks and see if there is a pattern. Some medications can also cause bloating and stomach problems, if you are taking any I would suggest reading the leaflet that comes with them. In my case I take iron tablets and folic acid tablets and both cause stomach upsets and bloating. And IBS is a common problem with fibro.


so please tell me what bloating feels tummy Is hard solid mass and I have hard pea sized lumps allover it.i do get indigestion but its only like once a month .I don't think I feel bloated.


My bloating ... I eat chocolate .. Within the hour my stomach swells up and I look just like I did when I was pregnant . When I press it its hard and hurts to touch ... I try sucking my stomach in... Nope it just won't happen ... Takes 24 hours to go down ... If I have.a small bar of chocolate a day... Like I was at one point ... I am permenantly bloated .... That's why i suggested you try cutting out just one thing a week and if it makes no difference add it back in ... Personally as everyone is different I would eat what you like and try cutting out from scratch... Potatoes and cauliflower may not affect you .. It could be anything.... I eat potatoes and cauliflower and have no bloating ... It's just chocolate that I love that causes my problem

Please try and put your mind at rest re cyst or tumour they would have to be quite a size to make you bloat out and both your scans private and nhs have come back clear ...of both ....but the private one picked up your gallstones so I am sure it would have picked up anything else..

VG x


that happens to me if i eat white bread, or pastry, meat seems to affect else where, I have IBS and IB (irritable bladder) this fibro is a bummer isnt it anbuma it affects nearly every part of your body doesnt it, at the moment I can say the only part its not affectin is my ear lobes and end of my nose lol, wish you better and gentle hugs ...Deex


Bread ...of any kind bloats me I stopped eating all kinds of bread two weeks ago and now have no more uncomfortable bloating...just thinking though, you say you eat hardly anything, that in itself could maybe make you bloated?

It took me quite a while to find out the cause of my bloating.

With regard to the doctors as VG said I would doubt the doctors are keeping anything from you, if your GP is any good at listening maybe you could explain your fears and tell him/her how worrying all this is for you. I wish you well.


I think my doctor know s what I think,ihave told him I believe it to be a cyst -sole reason fro abdominal weight gain in last couple of years.if I don't have cereal for breakfast nothing else would sustain me.


Has your GP not referred you for a scan?...I think you may have taken my comment up wrong (or I explained it wrong!) I wasn't meaning not to have cereal for breakfast I was referring to you saying you don't have very much to eat during the day, that could cause gas to fill up in your intestines which could bloat you.

I hope you get to the bottom of this soon. Take care:)


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