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Stomach problem causing havoc

I was just getting upright, all even and looking into the next stage of treatment, when my stomach starting causing issues.

A fair few months ago my partner rushed me into accident and emergency because my stomach was in agony. I got some pain relief, some fluids and some blood tests, then told was probably an infection and the fibromyalgia was making it seem worse.

I struggled on for months with stomach issues, until last month I couldn't take it any more. My GP sent me for a gastroscopy.

However between the referral and the procedure things started getting worse, I lost a lot of weight, could hardly eat, and taking medication was near impossible.

Went in for the procedure, having the sedation knocked me out for about three days, part of the fibro sensitivity to medication thing.

They told me I have a sliding hiatus hernia, which made me a little angry because accident and emergency and my partner thought that my fibro was making my stomach seem worse then it worse, when in fact I was in the process of gaining a hernia.

So then got told I have to wait up to a fortnight before making an appointment with the GP. Still got about a week to go on that one.

Still losing weight. Still struggling with food and drink, so dehydrated. Can not really take any of my medication. So my pain is through the roof, my sleep is all over the place, my muscles are really tight and cramped a lot of the time etc etc.

Breathing is quite difficult, and I am beyond exhausted. I think i have left the house maybe once in the past fortnight.

I am at such a low ebb with all of this. My mental health difficulties, which are many, are really really bad at the moment.

Every day is a complete struggle.

Just don't know what to do with myself.

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rainbow....I am so sorry you are suffering, and getting very little help from the medical community. Part of the reason I choose to find my own way. I have a hiatal hernia, so do most of my siblings. Some of my family is taking Prilosec, but I choose to use a digestive enzyme. I was eating and nothing seemed to pass through my stomach to my intestines and on. I was getting very bloated and worried. My father had a hernia operation, and they found peritonitis of the colon. My one sister rubs her tummy in little circles around like a clock. This seems to help her.

So far, the digestive enzyme breaks down food in my stomach, intestines, etc. Literally down to liquid. I really need this as I don't think anything moves too well anymore. Plus I was having trouble swallowing (thyroid) and not having as much trouble with that since taking the enzyme. Maybe something you want to look into. I also have trouble with staying hydrated as my kidneys are scarred. Hope someone helps you soon. Take care...


So sorry to read your post and what you have been through. I wish that whenever we have something wrong they always think k it is worse because of the fibro not as they would do with anyone else it is bad because it is bad, grhh! Yes it is awful when you have to wait to see the doc about these results you would think in the so-called electronic age everything could be sent the same day.

I can imagine not eating, drinking or sleeping properlyand therefore not being able to take a lot of your meds has taken a big toll on your system. Even if it is something like Complain try and et something to out a liningon your stomach.

Hope you will be feeling a little better in a few days. Lease let us know how you are.x


How hellish. Really sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time of it. All I can offer is sympathy. I hope the doctors get to the bottom of things soon and you can get some comfort, both literally and figuratively. Thoughts are with you x🐸


Thank you all for the kind comments. :)

I try to eat at least one "meal" a day, even if it takes me over an hour to do so. I try to take at least one lot of each of my tablets too, but that is usually not very successful.

Went out today, just to get a few little pieces of food, and some books to cheer myself up.

Nearly killed me doing it though.

I will let you all know how the GP goes. Fingers crossed.

Right back to Christmas shopping for a distraction.


I wish there was something I could do. I am happy that you know what is at least wrong with you. Are they talking surgery? The only thing I can suggest is maybe find some relaxing music to listen to. Try to get as much rest as you can. I truly hope you feel better. Hugs


I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling in this way and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. It really makes me angry when the medical community do not take what we say seriously, and we get an inferior medical treatment and reaction from them! At least you have a definite diagnosis now, and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with whatever treatment that you go for.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Thank you both.

I don't really know what options the GP will consider, personally I just want it corrected so I can hydrate, eat, and more importantly take my medication. But I know surgery is something that they try to avoid.

I am trying my hardest to rest and relax, but I have the most awful continual cramp in my left leg and weak left arm, making some things impossible. Also I moved into a supported bungalow a few months back, and there is still a lot that needs doing, so surrounded by cardboard boxes, makes me even more frustrated.

Everything makes me cry, and everything makes me angry. I know that a lot of that is the side effects of been off the medication, especially the anti-depressant.

Do you ever just sit there and think, why do I even bother any-more?!

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Hi there so sorry for all your pain& problems .I too have a hiatal hernia for over many many years.

Eat little and often avoid spicey foods (I adore my curries!). Avoid fizzy sodas

Until you see your GP.

I would also ask for a gall bladder scan that pain is unbelievable & had it removed even though I take ages to recover/ awake after surgery.

Avoid eating at least 3/4 hours before bed & drinking too much tea/coffee

Unfortunately it is one extra problem you could well do without.As my consultant tells me I need to adapt my life style to include any new conditions.

We are all with you lots of hugs.


Rainbow elf....try some lemon balm herbs in your tea for depression. Really helps me. Took a long time for me to find this where it's not too strong and can take as needed. Just gave my girls passionflower for anxiety for first day of school....slows down heart palpitations, and relaxes nerves. Hey, never thought that might help nerve problems. We all seem to be inflicted with anxiety and depression. Hope u feel better.

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Because I am already restricted on what food I can and can not eat, I don't see it as feasible to change it anymore. I looked at this list of things to not eat, and I was like well what can you eat then?

I am a vegetarian, who needs a lot of dairy because of another health issue, who loves lemon and lime, and a lot of tomato type sauces. I don't like spicy food anyway, so that was never an issue.

I eat slowly, and am only really eating soft food at the moment. A tiny portion of mash potato and gravy can take up to an hour to eat. I have cut out the tea, because it aggravates me terribly.

I don't eat before I go to bed anyway because it sits heavy and keeps me awake.

Just at the moment, even standing straight is agony, I feel like I have been punched in the chest/stomach. I get the whole it is just because you know it is there, it is just your fibro, talks from my partner, so I just shut up and put up.

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