Can't get no sleeps!

Nearly five and still wide awake! Brain working overtime with all the things I'd like to do and get done today. A work of fiction not fact I'm afraid! Lol Still I will try and potter around house and get a few things done and gain some sense of achievement.

Have DRs appointment on Friday but I really don't know what to say or where to start. Each part of my body takes it in turns to cry out for attention. My digestive system is steadily getting worse despite healthy eating, filtered water only to drink I'm bloating, painful constipation, stabbing pains, hernia and intestines pushing against stomach wall. I know something is wrong in there but all I get is a wall of oh it's all part of fibro. I can physically push my fingers against the painful inflamed areas of my gut. Sometimes I'm so bloated I feel like my lungs can't expand properly and my lower left abdomen feels like someone is constantly poking their finger into it.

I've read up on IBS, leaky gut and Crohn's disease but now have a head full of information and no real idea. I just don't want more drugs thrown at me, I'm sick to the back teeth of pills. Guess I'll have to be more assertive and find something to counter his " well there is only so much the health profession can do". He won't remember one appointment from the next but I do as obviously it's personal to me. If I knew what tests to ask for I would. Perhaps that's my plan of action to do that.

Would love to here from others who struggle with abdominal pain or digestive issues, would be a great help if you have time.

Looking forward to the dawn chorus soon.

Hope everyone has a low pain enjoyable as possible day

Patrick x

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  • Hi Hartleyhare2 I'm with you with the no sleep I've been like this many weeks and it's awful 8am yesterday morning it's 5.30 this morning I myself suffer with ibs and bloating I can't pin point what kicks it off could be anything I also suffer with chronic constipation with put me in hospital on new years day I'm now taking senakot 2 every night and I also have sachets for top up I eat veg and fruit bean brown bread but it's the medication every single one say constipation on them so I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle I'm having trouble swallowing and I now have a drink beside me with every meal the other day I was out I suffer with dry mouth I had a mint and I struggled to swallow that also when I lay down in bed I don't lie flat I'd never get back even with my electric bed. Well hun i hope you get some sleep check in later see who got the most seen as how you beat me the other day goodnight hun or should I say good morning sleep tight when you fo🤗🤗😏 xxx

    Love bam xxx

  • Try fine milled oatcakes and a banana it works for me or Linsett seeds from health shop they are very good and you can sprinkle it on anything .xx

  • I've heard over banana I'm willing to try anything that makes me sleep through the night thank you Matrix xx

  • You can put it on cerial casseroles or anything it's very good . X

  • The oatcakes are great I love them and eat them on their own. But bananas🤢😬😱 they are the only thing I cannot eat, I even retch at the smell of them, always have done!

    Is it linseed you mean or is linsett something different? I also use Chai seeds to sprinkle on food after it's been cooked for health benefits.

    Bananas are supposed to be so good for you too!

    Patrick xxx

  • I think it's the same thing on linseed it maybe a brand name not sure . I'm not in love with Bananas myself but neither do I like constipation . It does not make me gag though .not heard of chai seeds are they Chinese .Take care regards, Honora

  • I have golden linseed and another type I can't remember the name of but I like both and they are good value for money.

    Chai seeds are actuallly from South America they are sold specifically to combat exhaustion. They are very popular with people who make juices or smoothies. I sprinkle them over food and use them in tray bakes and making flapjacks. They can seem expensive but buy a big bag and it will last a year they are tiny little things. I also add them to Bombay potatoes with mustard seeds and Nigell seeds.

    Patrick x

  • Thanks bam,

    Fell asleep from about nine to twelve and that's enough to charge my batteries until tonight as long as I take it easy.. I've been vegetarian for thirty five years eat wholemeal bread etc. Taking magnesium has amazingly taken away any craving for chocolate too! Switched to oat and almond milk, don't take caffeine, alcohol, smoke and eat very little processed food. I think it's the side effects of my Meds that don't help especially the opiate painkillers. But I have cut down massively and gently exploring a homeopathic and diet route. Many have said to cut out bread, but I love my seeded and wholemeal bread! Old habits die hard. Limiting portions has helped a lot.

    Lots of love

    Patrick xxx

  • Hi I'm sorry your having a bad time,I to don't sleep very much my doctor prescribed me valerian ,it's a herbal sleeping tablet from health shop iv taken for a week now iv not slept threw the night but have had some sleep.i also use matrifin pain patches as I hated taking loads of oral tablets so my doc tor prescribed these,and they do help.also try a epson salt bath it helps the pain loads.good luck .karen xx

  • Thanks Karen,

    I've heard of the natural valerian but not tried it. I've taken every sleeping tablet and my body just adjusts to them.

    A bath with salts sounds a good idea and I know I should turn off my tablet earlier!

    Patrick xxx

  • Hi Patrick I didn't want to take sleeping tablets because they are so addictive these valerian root is herbal and seem to be working for me,along with epson salts(medical strength) in a warm bath can add a few drops of lavender if you like helps me,good luck Karen x

  • I know what you mean about the addiction quality of sleeping tablets. I was lucky and didn't experience that I just stopped them because they didn't work.

    To be honest I'm a bit overwhelmed and in a bit of an emotional slump at the moment. I know there are a lot of things like the baths that will help. I just need to kick my arse and get going again!

    I will have a bath tonight, I have some quality salts and lavender oil(somewhere) if not I'll add a bit of raddox which has lavender too.


    Patrick x

  • Good idear Patrick nice bath and chillax,x

  • 😁

  • Hi Hartleyhare2

    I am so genuinely sorry to read of how you are suffering and struggling my friend, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I can relate to what you are saying, as I also have problems with a ''diverticulum,'' which protrudes quite prominently from my stomach. Mine has progressed to ''diverticular disease''. I do not know if you can relate to these symptoms?

    Diverticular disease and diverticulitis are related digestive conditions that affect the large intestine (colon).

    In diverticular disease, small bulges or pockets (diverticula) develop in the lining of the intestine. Diverticulitis is when these pockets become inflamed or infected.

    Symptoms of diverticular disease include:

    lower abdominal pain

    feeling bloated

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your GP appointment on Friday, and I genuinely hope that you can manage some sleep my friend. Well, bed time for me as the carer will be here to look after my wife in a couple of hours and I do not want to miss out on a nice cup of tea when she gets here! Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Sweet dreams ken , hope you get some pain free rest, wishing you and your wife and comfortable day as possible

    Take care

    Loraine x

  • Thanks Loraine121 my friend, that is gneuinely appreciated. I sincerely hope that you managed a good sleep yourself and had a wonderful day x :)

  • Ken we are a hopeless lot ,but very interesting to me is that peeps with fibro have a lot of stomach problems and I have leaky gut and when I get an attack I feel really ill and my stomach swells alarmingly too .Hope you enjoy /enjoyed your cuppa xx😇

  • One thing I have read in several places is the link between leaky gut or IBS and Restless Leg Syndrome. I have both but can't for the life of me think how they could be linked. Do you suffer from RLS too?

  • I'm afraid I ha e all three and sometimes when RLS is really bad I have it all over not just the legs ,I hate it because you sit lie down ,I have to be moving as in walking up and down .I think it's all nerve pain .The last time I had to get some antidepressants the ones I had made my RLS so bad I stopped them and they also made sleep impossible .People don't understand what we all have to put up with .Do you have it to or are you like me have you got all three .xx

  • I have all three also. For the RLS by GP prescribed 5mg of Diazipam twice daily which is very effective not just on the legs but the whole body, especiallly a trigger point in my neck where I have three bulging discs. Looking on the RLS page in Healthunlocked I can't find anyone else taking Diazipam. Do you take anything to help? I also use magnesium oil on my calves, thighs and knees a lot. Neck shoulders and arms as required. This is probably the best natural tool I have found in fighting fibro and love the stuff!

    I was put on the antidepressant Duluxotine for its off scrip nerve pain uses. You have probably seen me rant abou how much I detest it and how awful coming off Duluxotine is.. it's designed for you to stay on for life.

  • Hi well I don't go to Drs very often because I hate going it's really stupid I know and I suffer because of it but like you I just don't think I take anything else into my system .I was on Prozac but last time I had it I didn't do well on it Rls was most severe I ever had and my two hours a night sleep I may get or not went down to zero sleep . Does that magnesium oil work that well, where can I buy health shop?. Bye for now xx

  • This is the first time I've been to DRs in a year, I know I should have before but just can't bring myself too. The magnesium oil I get is from Holland and Barrettat £8 a bottle but I stock up on their buy one get one for a penny sales. For me it really does work just spray onto legs and rub in or spray into hand for hard to reach and upside down sprays. Relief comes in ten minutes plus you've given your legs a bit of a massage. I don't do anything for a while afterwards or put it on at bedtime. Give it a go, I would be interested to hear if it works for you as I'm the only one who seems to talk about it yet it gives me great relief!

    Patrick xxx

  • Hey Patrick I have seen people mention it on here , I will see if I can buy it online . I'm liking the sound of buying one get one for a penny . Thanks it's worth a try xx

  • You may get a good deal elsewhere but Holland and Barrett have a great online store. The sales in the shop are reflected online too. They also have a very good loyalty card scheme too!

    Patrick xxx

  • Thanks for that Patrick I was just wondering if offers would be online too , you have answered my thought thanks again will be off to look now xx

  • Patrick I can't find the priced one you have said @£8 they seemed to be priced above that . If you have a mo could you look on their site and see for me thanks , Honora x

  • Will do Honora and get back to you later today. I can look up the brand I have😊

  • Thanks sweetie only when you have time xx

  • Time is one thing I do have in spades! Lol

    Backatya later x

  • Me too since I had to retire and because I'm not energy wise up to much at mo .Its so boring xx

  • Hi Honora😊

    Looked on H&B website and boy to they have a lot of choice for what is basically the same product by the same company!

    In the actual shop there is only one choice and this is a larger branch. I'm sure it was £8.50 then and the deal buy one buy one for a penny which comes and goes. They have either put it up or it's my fibro fog or cheaper in shop! The one I bought is joint one which is £12... on the site then the discounted second deal.

    I would still buy it at that price and I'm not flush with cash! In the blurb they totally overplay how much you need. I use a spray on each calf and each thigh and rub it in over my knee caps too and that's plenty. When I use it on my other trigger points my neck, shoulders and elbows, I spray it into my hand then rub on or it goes everywhere. A bottle lasts me about six weeks and has helped me cut down on the opiate Meds a lot.

    What did you do before retiring? I'm really struggling with the boredom/energy issue at the moment. I help out on a few online sites but it's just not enough.

    Patrick x

  • Hi Matrix my friend. Yes, I have found that fascinating too? My stomach goes up and down like a yo-yo x :)

  • I know just what you mean Ken , it's so horrible I feel like weeble you know how the song goes weebles wobble but they don't fall down lol but what can we do , my sister told me I was born with a stomach condition which I never knew until recently and I was in intensive care for months .😇Xx

  • That is very interesting Matrix my friend? Facts like this would make a very interesting poll? Who from childhood / birth had stomach problems, Growing pains? Visual issues etc? x :)

  • I think that's a good poll .What is interesting is some time ago someone who pended a health business , was studying mature student all about stomach and my osteopath knew and she needed someone to study well that was me and she supplied me with all vitamins whatever she wanted me to try . It went on and nothing was helping me and some making feel poorly that's when my sister told me about being born with stomach problems . I told her and she said ah that would explain why treatment is not working as I had had it from birth , she said whatever you have in your stomach believes it should be there . Had Hylocbacter treated and had camera down and consultant said it was leaky gut , my dr had never heard of it . Xxx

  • DRs really need to be clued up on leaky gut syndrome. Going to talk to my GP about it tomorrow for the first time. Not sure how he can add to a homeopathic approach but shall be interesting. In my limited knowledge leaky gut happens from acccumilation of deposits on gut wall preventing transfer of good stuff to bloodstream. Therefore, not likely to be born with. Have you thought. About getting a copy of your medical notes as a baby?

    Patrick x

  • Hey Patrick I was born in Eire and they never brought them with them . There is so much I don't know about my life I don't know my mum died when I was four and she was 27 then we were taken my brother as we were two youngest to live in the south of England , when we returned life was very hard and because of it I became ill. I know I have leaky gut syndrome and it can make you feel very ill . Let me know what he says , as my dr didn't know what it was and when I was in hospital just before Christmas the sister didn't know what it was . Consultant had it on letter he sent to GP on two lots of medication for it . Thanks Patrick xx

  • Howdy Honora, DRs was a waste of time. Didn't want to speak about leaky gut, thought magnesium oil, vitamins and supplements all a waste of money as have no scientific proof that they help! Still processing all we crammed in at appointment. Have slept since came back as exhausted from it plus didn't get a wink last night. Chat later, sent you a message too.

    Patrick xxx

  • Patrick , you sound tired lovey ,enjoy your rest my friend . I'm not surprised you didn't get any help . Speak to you later xx

  • Hi Honora, I'm absoloutly cream cracked and playing nodding dog! Catch up tomorrow if you don't mind.

    Patrick xxx

  • No probs sleep well my friend X

  • I knew you wouldn't get much joy but I wanted to believe you could .You enjoy your rest ,I'm watching David Attenborough The hunt on bbc 2 xx

  • That is quite interesting my friend, I have read a great deal about leaky gut and there are quite a few common themes x x

  • The cross over between IBS, Leaky gut, Crohn' disease, inflametry bowel disease, ulcerative colitis and diverticula is mind boggling. They cross over in so many areas and there are few definitive tests to isolate them!

  • It is so difficult to know what is what with these kinds of illnesses?

  • Indeed my friend! I'm no medical man but have a law degree and used to be a researcher. So by habit and training tend to analyse things, probably too much to be honest! At some point acceptance has to kick in and realise you won't get a complete answer and the best approach is not to stress and just do what relieves the symptoms.

  • That sounds about right! Mind you, everything these days is a ''tick box'' mentality, especially the benefits agencies and if you cannot say something to them for sure, you probably won't qualify for anything?

  • Your absolutely right but I'm quite a dab hand at tick box game. I was a Civil Servant for the MoD for many years and designed and collated Questionairs. The current system is so unfair and biased. People don't truly understand the slant of the question they are answering. I've been lucky enough to be in a position to help some people locally to fill in theirs and associated paperwork with positive results. It's all so stressful for people who are already unwell. Seeing the first DR at nine today then one at three. Such great planning! But I have a list of questions and some blood tests I would like done. I shall do my best to illicit a few quotable labels from them to! Knackered and exhausted doesn't always fit the bill!😂😂😂

  • lol! Good luck my friend.

  • Thank you so much for your reply Ken. What you describe fits my symptoms 100%. I have just been putting it down to IBS and carrying on. But in my heart I knew it was something more than that, just didn't want to worry family even more.

    I will read up on what you suggested and talk to my GP on Friday. He really is a good chap and I can see he's frustrated as a Dr that there is not more he can do to help with fibro

    Patrick 😊

  • Good luck my friend

  • Hi Patrick, I suffer from ibs and severely bloated today and been up most of the night too like you head full of what I would like to get done

    I find peppermint tea can sometimes help with the bloating also green tea with lemon, liquorice is good for constipation just eat a big bag of liquorice allsort, they help me sometimes better than taking laxido. It might not work for you but worth a try if you don't want to take anymore medication

    I do hope that you start to feel better soon

    Loraine x

  • Thanks Lorraine, I have peppermint tea I must make some. I have become so used to just drinking filtered water now I forgot about that!

    I will certainly try the Liquorice, not a flavour I love but certainly better than any more Meds thanks for the idea😊

    Hope your bloating has gone down now, its horrible isn't it. It's been suggested to me to have a food allergy test done. Have you tried that? As I said earlier I really feel some of my Meds contribute to the problem as well

    Patrick xxx

  • If you don't fancy eating the liquorice you can get peppermint and liquorice tea it quicker to drink than eat a big bag of liquorice although the big bag works quicker depends on how bad you are , lol and I know that we are all different and it might not work for you, I can imagine you forcing yourself to eata big bag and then cursoring me if it doesn't work lol. Oh I'm just plodding along going to try and early night as I hardly slept last night.

    Take care i hope you are feeling better soon


  • Thanks Lorraine I will try some liquorice" I can't actually remember what it tastes like just the strong smell. I won't curse you if it doesn't work and if I don't like it my wife will eat it as she loves the stuff!

    Hope you get a good nights sleep

    Sweet dreams

    Patrick x

  • Hi Patrick, I suffer from this from time to time and was even hospitalised with severe constipation, (how embarrasing!)

    I do know that the sachets of husks, senakot and other types of laxatives make me more bloated and uncomfortable so I have given them up in favour of prunes.

    An old fashioned remedy maybe, but it works gently and more importantly does not cause me pain or bloating. Tinned prunes or the lovely squishy dried prunes are equally effective for me.

    I hope you can get some relief soon.


  • Hi Kay, yes it can be quite distressing which only leads to our stomach cramping even more. I would not have believed how painful trapped wind in the intestines can be until I experienced it.

    I love dried prunes and dates and have a few chopped up in my porridge with coconut oil and non dairy milk. I have to be careful about how many I have as I am diabetic and they are high in sugar content. I know of tinned prunes but can't actually remember trying them, must get a tin. I also like prune juice too!

    I think the Meds and reduced activity all play there part in constipation. I used to be regular as clockwork eight every morning. Now I never know and have many false starts! I find moving about and massaging my tummy helps a bit also. Some people use lubricant supositries but for me it is always much further up.

    Best wishes


  • Has your dr checked for Helocobacter that is not spelt right I had that and he cleared that up ,I also have leaky gut syndrome so my stomach is nearly always is bloated .like you I can not swallow any more pills .I don't sleep either with the pain etc hard to do anything I was in same place yesterday but managed to tip a drawer out put my drawer dividers in and put my pants and socks in order and I felt so good about it ,I kept having to pace myself simply because like you I'm exhausted .Just do what you can and if you don't get joy at the drs can you see another one in the practise .Enjoy your pottering take care and gentle hugs xx

  • Not heard of Helocobacter, will look it up. There is so much info on digestive issues its mind boggling.

    Leaky gut syndrome is relatively new to me but it ticks a lot of boxes too. A homeopath has been teaching me about it and about cleansing the gut so the goodness we put in can actually get through gut wall and into blood stream. If we are just excreting this good stuff no wonder we are exhausted all the time!

    I have a good friend on a seven day detox retreat in Devon at the moment consisting of cleansing shakes that also stimulate the main vein to the liver and colonic irrigation. I am getting daily detailed gruesome reports but it's all positive.

    My Doc is very helpful it's just what to ask and not overload him in the appointment! lol I'm not sure if leaky gut symptom is recognised by main stream medicine? What's your experience?

    When not pottering I'm quite politically active on the nett as I used to be a senior adviser within the MoD. But I have to be careful not to get too involved in some of the ridiculous descion they are making, Trident, two new aircraft carriers without aircraft!!!! Back to sock draw! I don't even wear the damn things that much anymore because of the struggle putting them on! But my fourteen year old has the same size feet as me and appreciates it! Lol

    Patrick xxx

  • Hi Patrick, sorry i can't help, but just wanted to say i feel your pain buddy! Hope a member gives you some hope! Take care! John.

  • Hartleyhare2 hi Patrick we meet again how did you get on with you doctors appointments did you stay awake long enough I fell asleep at 11pm and woke at 1.20am great another long night hope you are 💤💤😴

    Love bam xx

  • Hi bam,

    Stayed awake all night for 09:00 DRs appointment which was useless. Doesn't believe in magnesium, vitamins, supplements or any homeopathic approach as no scientific proof! Was so ehausted,as was wife who's been poorly, so cancelled second slot and slept all afternoon. Had sight of loodtest and everything a ok for diabities lomg term.

    Thanks for asking😊

  • Hi Hartleyhare2 some GPS don't believe in anything like that mine won't give me sleeping tablets even though I'm not sleeping hope you have a good weekend and you wife feels better soon bam 😊

  • Thanks Bam, frustrating DRs whatveven think of vitamins/ supplements for preventative health. I saw a leaked NHS think tank document where GPS were told to only prescribe them to severely malnourished children thus saving £8M a year. But is it a saving in the long run?

    Mine still gives me American sleeping tablets called Ambien. TBH my body adapts to them all after a few weeks so I don't find they help. Having a lazy weeken, hope you arevtoo and haven't started peeling bits of your wallpaper oaaaaaaaà! Lol

    Patrick xxx

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