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Fibromyalgia and radiating pain in chest

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Hi sorry for long post🤭Iv struggled for about 3 years now with radiating pain that comes and goes it feels deep in my chest maybe behind rib cage radiates in to my left breast and armpit then sometimes just in my left shoulder blade but it may be for a month then goes for sa month or two then returns .Now I have SVT since thyroidectomy 17 years ago had ablation for it 4 years ago sadly wasn’t successful but my svt episodes are worse when this pain is here.Iv had all the heart tests all good 🙏🏻 swallowed cameras to be told inflamed stomach and small Hiatus Hernia a Barium swallow all over last couple of years .So my question is can fibromyalgia affect this part of my body as it makes me feel sick sometimes but really affecting my quality of life .It’s difficult to explain to my Dr as I don’t know what pain to tell him about as it moves so I thank any body who has any advice or similar problems 😊

19 Replies
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It could be the muscles/ tendons between your ribs with Fibro?Gentle stretches may help you.

I do Pilates moves when I get that level of pain

Gentle hugs

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Aun4sim in reply to skit

Thankyou I think you are right butI find doing gentle yoga or qi-gong sometimes aggravates it .Its so hard trying to forever self diagnose and repair our bodies sending love💜

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costochondritis is the pain in sternum flexibles I get as a co issue with the fibro.

am not sure if that is what your feeling

Its best to be checked out.

sadly mine has never left or gone its there, am careful with arms movements and breathing. gentle hugs

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I have thought it was this before but it doesn’t give me pain when I breath in so not sure but getting it checked out again I just feel a fraud getting X-rays and tests to be told everything is fine which is wonderful and makes me think is it fm .Sending love and Thankyou 💜

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I had this kind of pain coming from my ribs, I saw the chiropractor for front and back rib ajustments,

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Aun4sim in reply to JazzElvis1

ahh now this sounds like an option for me but OUCH 😱was it painful?

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JazzElvis1 in reply to Aun4sim

oh no not at all , maybe slightly uncomfortable at first because new, but better than the horrible pain

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JazzElvis1 in reply to Aun4sim

very often though, the rib cage gets stuck because the peg is is off line, so they may need to do that too , which would bring relief to other areas like hips , back , legs

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I dismissed chest pains for a couple of years as "just the fibro" and " it is only costochondritis".

If I'd gone straight to the doctor I might have avoided the quadruple heart bypass I had last year and got away with just angioplasty or stents.

I am now told that 3 of the 4 grafts have failed and there is nothing more they can do, surgically.

Yoga, Pilates and chiropractors are fine AFTER getting the all clear that there isn't a problem with your heart.

Nobody here can diagnose chest pains so see a medical professional about it as soon as possible.

If you get chest pains go to A&E.

As my cardiologist said to me.

They'd rather have a hundred false alarms than one death because chest pains were ignored.

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Aun4sim in reply to Carlt

I have my heart tested a lot due to svt so that side of things is good but Thankyou

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Carlt in reply to Aun4sim

That is good to hear.

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I have just been diagnosed with Spondylosis. Some of the symptoms you are describing are similar to what I had. It might be an idea just to google Spondylosis and see if the symptoms are what you are experiencing. Then go see your GP and ask them to investigate.

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Aun4sim in reply to E8L8dh

il have a look Thankyou

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about 45 years ago I was in Uruguay and I had similar pains, so went to the doc there and he said oh that’s Tietz syndrome, it comes and goes, you can’t do anything about it, you may have it forever or it may go away. later in life it became fibro, and I have found that having the intercostal muscles in between the ribs specifically targeted with massage works to loosen them off (painful as hell but worth it) and the pain seldom comes back, staying away from sugar carbs and wheat , the right supplements, exercising and stretching using pilates also helps.

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Aun4sim in reply to Chrisbel

weirdly when I have a back massage I feel like they really get to the pain that radiates so I get the release so I understand what your saying but that sounds painful 😱

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Chrisbel in reply to Aun4sim

you have to get it done all the way round from your spine to your sternum and it’s probably the most painfull thing I’ve ever done, but if you can do it it changes everything in relation to that area of pain, try doing it bit by bit every week untill it’s all done. I recommend it, and take lots of magnesium malate at the same time as it can help relax the muscles. you can also help by drinking lots of water, some with Sodium Bicarbonate, in it and take thiamine (B1), all of these are supposed to help flush the lactic acid out of your system.

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Aun4sim in reply to Chrisbel

wonderful advise Thankyou🙏🏻💜

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Hi,Those are the exact symptoms I get in my chest, at first I also thought it was my heart but told it was part of my fibromyalgia. Both are frightingly similar and I was advised to take no chances and go to AandE or call 999.

Luckily I did call once as I was having a heart attack. Nothing dramatic like you see on TV, it was just like the fibromyalgia pain. If I was to call every time I have that fibromyalgia pain I would never be out of hospital.

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Aun4sim in reply to Flyfishing123

oh my goodness that must be so scary for you

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