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todays blog is a cracker


asu all know this ten ton tess is fond of inspecting the ground at close quarters.and true to form i did it again oops i did it again

rising from my riser no stone to roll away only a aglass to put away.i stood unsteadily onto my feet

whats a little giddy head i asked my pea brain its only three yards to the sink.just a quick three steps

wobble wobble went the leggies after one step we made of jelly the laughed after two i know there was a small space to go you can do this i thought and woke up on the floor

as always had to sit up slid rear end to nearest chair very very tender rear end

b***** b***** b***** gonna have a black bum when i see the doc in a few days after about ten minutes i managed to drag my self up onto my riser chair

did you know if lean on a riser tummy first and push the button it will help you up. me neither until lol

well there i sat knowing i was martha and not arther a good start meant no concussion of course wearing long dress did send me a hint just a small one.

by now my spine was saying a loud hello to my brain one disc at a time who knew there were that many and that they needed to socialise at any cost with the neck and the brain

but wait a minute way down there was a problem that huge item that cannot be named except in curses was yelling

i staggered slowly off to when dem bones is havin a party it is not easy to sleep

erery time i moved that rear end jabbed like an electric shock talk about being peeved because it had been ignored and called ass too many times............. it has taught me revenge is more painful than kharma.

deciding to have it checked i was taken to see accident and emergency now let me tell you if you want to go to the emergency after the accisent take three meals with you tv shows lie

i eventually had a scan no less how impressive hope that a*** is beginning to feel important.

the results came back and i was informed i had a nasty crack in my cock sucks yeah right i even tho i had the same opinion on the stupid a*** i kept my temper and sweetly said

i would prefer you to keep the bad language and sarcasm to yourself now tell me what is actually wrong.

for some reason the staff left the room

when they returned doctor had a word written down that i cannot spell never mind try to say.even reading it it sounded like c*** sex... but it turned out to be my tail bone that thingy where the chopped of my devil tail at birth.

so sadly here i lay cannot sit with a crack in my crack feeling somewhat like an a*** myself but i agree on the first disciption of that ass the doctor said.

happy thoughts to you all

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What bad luck do hope it gets better soon xgins

I do hope that your 'sit upon' is soon fit to be sat upon once more! :)

A fractured coccyx is very sore - I did mine in once, many years ago. I was out sailing, and slipped on the wet deck, landing on one of the winches OUCH!

It hurt for weeks and I had to eat my meals standing up, as i could only stand or lie down - no sitting! Best wishes for a rapid improvement. :)

Moffy x


Yes I had a road accident in my teens and fractured my coccyx... Very painful very difficult to sit unfortunately its just a matter of time healing it

VG x

So sorry blossom, how painful, I too cracked my coccyx many many years ago, coming off a horse. I remember my mother, probably fed up with my whinging, blew up a rubber ring ploked me on it - and that helped sitting a lot. I think you can now get proper donut cushions for helping you, it may be worth asking your surgery. Foggy x

Oh dear, I'm really sorry but I laughed and laughed at your blog. I too broke my coccyx during a driving accident (the pony and trap variety). It was a LONG time before I could sit comfortably on a hard chair. I do sympathise but I'm still chuckling ... sorry!

Jan xx


So how come you can all soell the swear word and not me says fb while sitting on a tesco ring donut that has no helped at all pmsl please excuse the eccentricty of my blogs and answers the more pain I get into thfe more I try to make me and others laugh I hate sad faces

KeepingGoing in reply to Hidden

Sorry, I have found your blog very funny because of how you write it, but the actual theme is not funny at all - except I laugh in a nervous kind of way as I did mine doing gymnastics (I was once all of bendy, co-ordinated, balanced and energetic). It hurts bad and every time I bent in any direction, nevermind sitting down, I felt like I was going to be sick with the pain. I hope your rear end feels better soon. :) xC


I only write a blog about me my pain or my experiences to make people laugh so if you laughed I am happy i cry tears of a clown like you said not good and I have degenerative arthritis as well and a few other med problems so if I dont laugh I will become suicidal so please laugh with me its not the same as laughing at me

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