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todays dr appointment


so saw my gp again and said id been hearing noises -music and voices -at night when upstairs -thinking at first it was coming from nextdoor -but the house has been empty for a month..he asked if I heard them outside as well? .said no.and what do you think it is?hearing problem.said ears were fine.asked him if it was a fibro symptom -suggested not fibromyalgia symptom but anxiety disorder.has anyone else been told this?said referral to a mental health nurse.ive just woken up after asleep and am so i cannot cope with this ribs are really digging into me and have pressure in my upper abdomen and tightness in my neck.thats not anxiety.what with the way things have been the last 2+years and all the stories I have read I still know it is something more.i am upsetting my dogs and feel like I cant be there for them.i dont have

any friends who understand me and what I am going thru.i tried to have a small drink or two but just makes me sick.

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I keep hearing classical music and the phone no idea what it is related to. Im having a hearing test tomorrow. I also am a cbt session tomorrow in regards to my depression and anxiety

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hi how did your hearing test go?i have had one before and they said everything was fine then-itwas a few years ago

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Turns out my hearing is very bad and may have to have a hearing aid


Hi. I have had problems with my health for over 2 years and every time I go to the docs they say anxiety. We are not stupid we no are own bodies and we also no when it's anxiety and when there is a physical problem. I agree that anxiety is making things worse. Keep pushing. I have never heard voices, it could be your hearing but it needs checking out. Good luck

Hi. I also keep hearing the phone ring when it's not, and my name been called, I sometimes hear music, it happens inside and outside, my hearing in my left ear is pretty bad, but as my mum, god rest her sole, used to say you will hear enough with the one ;) I also have depression and anxiety, but I'm not worried about hearing things I have never given it much thought to be honest.

Mazz XX

Just sending some hugs


anbuma in reply to jillylin

thank you .the only hugs and snuggles I get are from my dogs.

have complained to PALS and the scottish hospital about my treatment or lack of it and am awaiting replies but from past experience expect to be fobbed off again saying drs haven't done anything wrong.after today I want to take things further and contact teh ombudsman .my doctor never suggested a hearing test can they tell from just looking in your ear that there isn't a problem?what about if its deeper inside or to do with the brain?

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Hi Anbuma,

you really are having a rotton time of it. The reason the doctor wants to refer you to Mental Health Team is because hearing voices can sometimes be a symptom of a mental health condition. The referal might be a good thing as then you can tell them about your fears about having OC. and then they may suggest to your Dr to send you for tests to rule that out.

Your Dr can only see into your inner ear when they examine you, but he probably only looked to rule out any infections or abnormalities.

Can I suggest that maybe your health worries, and the fact that no one is listening to you, is causing you anxiety.

You really do need to get things sorted out, and the fact that you have no one to listento you, and talk things through with, makes matters worse, but you know that there is always someone on this forum to lend a sympathetic ear. I hope that you can get some answers Anbuma, and your dogs are just picking up the fact that you're not your usual self. With lots of hugs & love they will be fine.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you, and if you can manage to take your dogs for a nice walk and just enjoy the fresh air, it will do you good.Lots of love, & healing thoughts coming your way. GJ xxxxxx

you healing thoughts and lots of love.

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sorry about the last line. LOL

GJ thank you so much fro your kind words,when its something like this he will do something but getting them to recognise symptoms has been a problem fro 2 is things like weight loss and having a cough fro a long time -things they recommend you see a dr for and they dismiss them .when my legs were swollen (and still are)the dr just said "I don't know why you are here",this was at hospital A&E where i went as advised by others here.


Fluffie cuddles too, for you :)

Sorry its so difficult anbuma for you at the moment maybe following what the doc suggests will help to rule something out ;) I really do feel for you as I've been there myself.

Stress and anxiety are awful conditions which need managing, I speak from experience as I've got Long Term Anxiety and Depression that spans 20 years. The effects of stress and anxiety are contributing factors to many health problems like some that you mention in your posts. The doc needs you to have treatment for the anxiety so they can hopefully find out what is actually wrong and what the stress is causing.

Once the doc has this information he/she can start to help you manage all your health conditions properly with the right medications and therapies.

I've had countless counsellors and sessions over the years and in the last 6 years I've taken it seriously. I have a listening ear counsellor that I see when I need to, especially, during anxious times like you are going through right now :)

I admit that it's not an easy road but the benefits far outweigh that.

Please try to be strong and have some faith that you can do it and get control of it, my anxiety problem got to a point where its monitored regularly as I'm now high risk for heart attack and stroke. I'm not saying that this will happen to you Anbuma I'm saying that I wish I'd taken it a lot more seriously earlier than I did :o

I really do hope you find your answers and also suggest relaxation everyday :)

Many fluffie cuddles for you :) xxxsianxxx :)

anbuma in reply to Hidden

thank you sian.i didn't feel anxious at all until I go to my doctor for something and symptoms are stomach is so huge hard and uncomfortable it is difficult to get to sleep.I still fail to see how it cannot be a cyst or tumour or something when it is the reason for any weight gain

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Hi Anbuma

I'm sorry you feel that your symptoms are being dismissed I was referring to those as causing you anxiety, which they clearly are and the doctor will have picked up on that.

Is there any chance you could see a different doctor because these symptoms that are worrying you have been for a while now and I know from previous posts that you feel like you are being dismissed, and I'm sorry if this question offends you as its not meant to but is there any chance that you could be wrong about your suspicions regarding this?

Anxiety could be causing this problem that you have and you stated that you suffer with anxiety and depression so one way to find out is to treat the anxiety that you clearly have.

I'm not intending to upset you I'm just giving my opinion based on the information that you have given us.

I really do feel for you and hope you resolve this health issue soon whichever and however that occurs so that you are not worrying about it anymore.

Wishing you well anbuma

:) xxxsianxxx :)

anbuma in reply to Hidden

does nayone know the symtpoms of OC?-include feeling "Full",bloating that is all the time,.for two years+ I have not been able to eat a proper meal.I used to eat seconds of xmas dinner at my brothers house and now hardly have anything at all.feeling full afetr a forced breakfast and a small lunch which normally ends up in the dogs' bowls.abdomen is a solid hard mass and the reason fro my weight gain -lost everywhere s a known fact that dr s mistake OC fro bowel conditions/ibs and I dont have IBS.others have said thye have had other conditions-their stomach has separated(never heard of this)

.believe my dogs!!

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Hi hunny I don't sorry :( Did you manage to rearrange your appointment?

I can have a look for you if you'd like :) My nana had it but I didn't know her :(

Keep strong and give the dogs a cuddle from me

and I'll get back to you

:) xxx sian xxx :)

hi sian

seeing another dr(which I have when cant get to see mine)is not na option really as they all go on what my own gp says.i am not imagining the size of my tummy,it is getting bigger and bigger since 2.5 years ago and dr only mentioned blaoting a few montsh ago.if it s that he should/would have said so in the beginning nto just "its your stomach"thta doesn't tell me anyhtig.drs responses do leave a lot to be desired.i had some new meds about a month ago so it coculd be them causing me toher music etc/

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Sorry hun only just found this reply :) Yeah! you're right about meds they can cause side effects can't they. I can't understand why a doc wouldn't take the bloating at that extent seriously and feel for you that they don't :)

huge comforting fluffies for you xxx

I am feeling more relaxed today (with the help of a few glasses of Baileys)but have the thought in my head that I know I have OC.what else would cause pressure on my ribs and stomach and bladder feeling the need "to go"and be the reason for weight gain .my dogs have been even more "strange "today.its not just recently they have been behaving the way they have -looking concerned, being very attached and hating being left when I go s been about a year.the only appt (online)with my dr is 23rd dec.tho if I rang there might be one earlier.should I plead with him one more time to listen to me.

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Again only just seen this reply too :o

Glad you felt a bit better and hope you still do today :)

Animals do tend to pick up on emotions and stuff and I'm glad you have them for companionship and comfort.

I'm sorry you have to plead and wish you could see my GP, I hope something is sorted for you soon hunny. Try to stay strong and remember to relax everyday :)

I'll be thinking of you :) xxxsianxxx :)

anbuma in reply to Hidden

thank you Sian .feeling awful tonight-so much pressure on my ribs!definitely a phone call to dr tomorrow but it wont be my own.

well my dr and the other woman dr I like were both not in surgery today so I had option of seeing a female dr I had seen before or a new dr I haven' opted to see the female dr and her conclusion was its I think i know what indigestion pain is and it definitely was not came away feeling just the same as always.tho she did say come back if it doesnt sort itself.thnak god I have my dogs for comfort-why cant people be the same.

Hi anbuma

From the sounds of it I think your doctor needs to visit a mental health nurse! It is clear that you are having a very real problem and they don't appear to tackling it at all. Can't remember? Did you say that you have written a letter of complaint? I think I would if I were you!!

I hope that you can get all of this sorted soon. You take care and remember there is always somebody here for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken (the author) x

anbuma in reply to TheAuthor

I don't know were I would be if it wasn't fro my friends on here.if it wasn't for my dogs I probably wouldn't be here now.forthe last year or more they have sensed thinsg aren't right /should I write to the practice manager again.

thank you Ken.i have complained to both hospitals about two consultants and that is ongoing.i complained to the practice manager some time ago about my own dr dismissing symtpoms and she said from what she can see in my notes he has done everything I said I wasn't happy at that cos what he puts in my notes doesnt necessarily mean hes said the same to me.i arranged to see her a second time and waited half an hour and she failed to call for me to go in so I stormed out and when I wrote a letter of complaint to her she claimed she had come looking for me and I wasn't there.someone else ahs said to go to A&E,i went to dr s yesterday and told her |(not my own dr or another I have been going to)and told her I was in excruciating pain with pressure on my ribs stomach and pelvis and she just said "its indigestion",what a f---ing joke.ive eventold the if thye don't believe me then believe my dogs.

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