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Sleep, perchance to dream!

I am undergoing tests for fibromyalgia so haven't had it confirmed yet but can anyone advise on how to get any sleep? If I keep moving and don't sit/lie down the pain is not so bad but by the end of the day I'm dead on my feet. Have tried three permutations of tablets but nothing seems to work. Also tried hot bath/bottle/tens pen etc etc. I've not slept for more than a couple of hours and then perhaps one more per night for three weeks now. Sitting in my favourite chair has now become a thing of the past.

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This is big question with Fibromyalgia if like us sleeping pills don’t work. Doc give us travel sickness pills and they worked and not must after trouble other thing we got is Mirtazapine but next day fill like you drunk 😵. Do you put magnesium salt in your bath 🛀 as good for pain and relaxing.

Hopefully you find something but it’s not easy. 💐💐


sleep - what's that?


Nope, never heard of it :( at least not the sort of sleep most people refer to. 2 hours is the most I have ever managed. Mattoid-Mags and myself have often been on here sharing jokes at 2-3 a.m. Seems to be very common amongst the fibro folk. Warm baths with epsom salts, blackout blinds, no tv or computers - tried all sorts and still wake up in agony. Can't take prescription meds so that route is out for me. Spend most of the time in a chair as it's the only way to ease the pain. If you find anything to help please share as many of us on here suffer the same problem.


Hi monday the hospital put me on mirtazipne they help me sleep for a few hrs .they reckon sleep can heal our pain lol hopefully you will find somethin to help x

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I don't take any prescription meds due to the side effects, they make me worse than the fibro does.

I had years of poor sleep and decided the only thing was to train myself, as you would a puppy or a child.

So.... no caffeine, I switched to decaf tea only daily.

No alcohol as that interferes with sleep.

Darkness, make your room as dark as possible. Might take a bit of manipulation to get the right temperature but that is important too.

Use magnesium spray on your feet, or soak your feet in warm water with magnesium before bed.

Try to go to bed at the same time each night. I've tried staying up later, even by half an hour and much harder to get to sleep.

Look at self hypnosis for sleep online. There are several things you can repeat to yourself that will send you off.

Another is a sleep App. I used a free one that allowed me to mix 3 different sounds and put on a timer.

The thing I use now is a piece of music called Weightless by Marconi Union. It's been scientifically composed to relax your brain. I downloaded the 8 minute version for a few pounds and gave only once heard the end of it.

I've not had a poor nights sleep for a long time and if I do it's because there's some other stress/ worry going on in my life.

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What have you tried to help you sleep? Kalms maybe? if unsuccessful then maybe ask gp for some zopiclone low dose to get you started,, dont get hooked or they wont work after a while, try half of one first, thats how i coped , now just have Kalms but only after a few sleepless nights not continuously.


Hey Mondaymorning - Would you be willing to tell us what tests you are having for Fibro? I keep reading that there aren't any. thanks!


A chicken and egg situation if you haven't been dignosed yet - who by, your GP or hospital? My GP diagnosed mine, and I have not taken it any further as I'm not convinced I'll do better than I am, given there isn't a cure. You have mentioned tablets but not what thet are....the first thing my GP said was that good rest was a major part in managing fibro, and I take 20mg of amitriptyline at night. I usually get a better level of deeper sleep than I did before. Some people don't like this drug as it makes them feel a bit groggy in the morning. (It's classed as an antidepressant, but my doc said it was found pretty useless for that, but it does help with nerve pain.) I found the benefit far outweighed that side effect once I'd worked out the best time of night to take them. Good luck, and don't be afraid to suggest these tablets if your doc doesn't mention them.


Used to take Zopiclone with some success but now take Mirtazapine as mentioned by Patches12 above and that seems to be helping ! :)


MY original does of zopiclone aka zimovane was prescribed at 7.5mg but that didn’t help so doctor said to increase to 15mg that helped more


Perchance to Dream!!!!

One of my all times favourites from Ivor Novella going back way back...

Lots of good tips here from others..

Hot bath with salts.

Milky drink with Honey.

Also magnesium supplement if required..

Listening to Ivor Novella too would be nostalgic and should assist in persuit of sleep.



Thanks for all your suggestions. Initially I can get to sleep but then wake up a few hours later with pain in one of five areas of my back. Feels very similar to when I had shingles. In my naivety I assumed I was being tested for fibromyalgia but now realise they're probably just eliminating other causes. A very unsympathetic reception and duty doctor (who turned out to be a paramedic practitioner) wouldn't give me an appointment earlier than two weeks. The doctor I eventually saw suggested it might be fibromyalgia. I'm also booked for a scan to deal with another issue so what with little sleep and unable to get comfortable in a chair, I think my brain has gone beyond logic and reasoning. One thing that does seem to help is a revitive circulation booster. Even if it's doing no good, it takes my mind off the pain. Life!!


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