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what is it with the legs??

i stand on legs for a bit or busy having to walk then was doing bit of housework and my legs and base back twinging all time and could not get up stairs without having to crawl all the time it is a little bizaare to me as they get so weak !!!

anyone else hve same issues. i have to use a stick out to shops where no trolleys eg B&Q or round a store becaues i think i can walk it and then get a few simple yards and i cannot hold my body up and have to go get my stick ..ohh the joys i hope this goes away or will i end up using a chair before long to venture out . i keep saying its not happening and pick ya self up but its not happening!

i went out with hubby to get my daughter some shoes for school and she is sooo not well at minute and i nearly flew off top of stairs and why?/ i cannot understand why the legs go their seperate ways..

thanks for reading and hope am not the only one but defo feel for you all too..

fairy fluffy big cuddles to you all who reads xxx cannot blinking type either as it goes believe it or not xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi fairycazzie.... i know the feeling, the last six months or so, my legs have done nothing but ache, feel heavy and the pain gives me many a restless nights sleep. Like you I have days when they do their own thing or unable to walk, unless I am in the house. I have a dog and some days if my husband is working she doesn't get to go too far....mind you she enjoys sleeping which is just as well.

Good to talk someone else who has similar problems.... I hope that my tedhead hugs will help to gather strength back to your legs.

Does anyone has advice on rest best or stretching exercise or ....???? for Tedhead and Fairycazzie. :)


No you are not alone. I am sorry but it is happening, you do need to listen to your body, it is asking you to stop. If you can pace yourself it could ease up a bit but you may have bursitis which was the start of my FM diagnosis.

I don't mean to scare you, but for me I cannot walk far nor stand long - occasionally I can do more but only if I am fully rested. My husband was very upset at my getting a wheelchair, but to be honest it gave me some independance. I also have a mobility scooter so I can walk the dog, pop to the shops, and I am also still working but use an office chair.

My doctor and I have concluded that my very mild osteoarthritis irritates the muscle in my hips giving me bursitis and because of FM the pain is constant. My meds help and things appear to be under control at the moment, but I also have a weak lower back and have to watch out for that too. No lifting! So annoying when I think of all I could do.

Please bear in mind, everyone is different and this is just me. But your body is telling to cut down on what you are doing. Please listen to your body or it will get much worse. You are welcome to message me if you want to know any more.

If you have a problem with sensitivity with your legs at night, that is called Restless Leg Syndrome. I take Amitriptyline to help with this, also pj trousers, pillows to support and raise my knees and feet.

I hope things turn around for you. Ease up and any exercise, make it non repetative as that can make things easier for you.

Soft hugs


Hi Fairycazzie I don't want to disappoint you but I have the same problems, It started over 20yrs ago were I would just drop to the floor with no warnings pains then I would go paralysed down one side which would last a few days before I could move around the house or like yourself just walk a few steps and I would be in chronic pain. I back then my GP put in down to stress depression etc, as time has gone by my body just got worse. Then another GP who had to make a home visit because I could not cos the pains were unbearable she got me to the pain clinic and that's when I was told I had FM, from there I have been told I have osteoporosis,arthritis, calcium defiance,dry eye syndrome, mussels and bone pains all under the umbrella of FM. I started using a walking stick then I have a walker to support me within my home and a wheelchair for if I go out because I can't walk without been in chronic pains and my legs don't support my body weight. The COT has had a wet room and a through the floor lift put into my home as I can't walk the stairs any more. They couldn't put me a chair lift in because of the blackouts and falls I have, it was for health and safety issuses.

I was so against using a stick never mind a walker even a wheelchair but I wouldn't be without them now. They are my saving grace..

I'm sorry if how my FM as affected me, it doesn't mean yours will be the same I read other peoples problems they have and some have some different issues but we all end up with chronic pains when we try an move about. My two PO's told me that I have to pace myself out not try and do everything at once. An to remember that I can't do what I've always been doing.

I hope you can fine out what's the best ways for you to crop, it's not easy when is anything easy.. I send you loving and healing thoughts Blessed Be <3 keep :)


Hi, I actually had the Gp out to me again today and he explained to me about the muscles weakening. He is sending me on a combined course of physio and occupational therapy etc..... As although it is painful obviously i have to find a way of keeping the muscles moving. I'm not sure how this will go as i have not started yet? But maybe this might be an idea to discuss with your GP if it hasn't already been suggested? xx


Hi all

Will try reply individually!

I cannot believe the response!!!

SS has given me some helping aids in the home, but i cannot get my head round the legs at all as much as i was diagnosed 2012 with some mobilty syndrome weak muscles ligaments and connective tissue disorder, but i do not really understand it at all.

I had to go out to a job and felt very embarrased being the 'boss' and literaly crawling up stairs and on flat ground i kinda slurp my feet cos hips, base spine twinges, left leg worst but problems are meant to be on my right side .

I foresee a wheel chair because of how walking is becoming and keep fighting it denying it and thinking am stupid!!!

I will go up steps but its geting the brain to tell the legs to lift up ??

Sorry you alllll seem to have these issues too and am not alone and not daft its trying to accept changes going on.

Driving is aching in legs mainly left and clutch only i have to drive daily!!

Ted, SJ , white star and Stacey thanks and hope your days are not too cruel and its True we are full of things under an 'unbrella' from head to foot .

I dont go anywhere really far enough to know if i can hack it.

House to car or round a shopping market which i do 5 mins and want to leave i cant hold the body weight?? Worse than being heavily pregnant!!

As i speak typing on fone hand aching like holding a brick of a phone lol

Phew must put down and sleep ready for another day :-/

Lots of fairy cuddles allllll xxxxxxxxxx sweet dreams xxx


Morning fairycazzie I too for alot of years had pains very similar to you all.i decided I needed a visit to the rhumy I have now been diagnosed with lumbar stenosis though my pain was more nerve pain down the back of my legs and continuous pain down my thighs.


Morning Taz,

So glad you got somewhere with Rheumy but sad that all us have issues.

I saw Rheumy and other physios in 2010/11 and i been discharged by all saying cannot help

Due to my cervical cord root compression.

As am limited and also now the bhms/eds too so think all put together is a concocsion

It started over a month ago i got really bad sharp pains but my legs felt unusual , no sensations and lots of twinges. I could not walk for about 3 days then it eased but it has stayed with me ever since the twinging. Ohh then the week after i had gone out and could not stand watching my son play footy 5 mins then could not get back to car i was practically lifted and so now it seems i cannot hardly walk much without aids .

Its very scarey as am new to all of it !

I started having leg drop and drag in 2010 and would shake then it eased but seemes i have it worse now and i had said to Dr hope dont move in and it has.

I looked up

Spinal stenosis,

Arthritis ,

Its not sciatica because i had that bad in 2010 in both sides altho its always stayed on/off

Only now i do little and my legs are no good its weird.

Thanks taz xxxxx hugs xxx


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