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Such a tragic story :(

When I read this article in the Daily Telegraph yesterday I was so saddened. If you are feeling "very low" today then maybe you should not continue to read further because I don't want to upset you further. ....... In the Health section there was a story of a young 25 years old lady who had become so desperate after doctors had been unable to help treat her Irritable bowel syndrome that she had taken her own life. Her symptoms had started at university -- the stress of her studies made her pain worse (my own IBS begun at university and after many hospital tests I had to leave university at the end of my second year) The painful spasms she had even led to an emergency hospital admission ( Some of my most painful spasms are as severe as "Labour pains" and I also was taken on one occasion to hospital by ambulance as an emergency -- only to be told "it's just your IBS") The doctors not only failed to treat this young lady"s symptoms effectively but she felt so alone that she felt she could no longer continue to live with this awful condition. How dreadful that she was not given more support from medical staff. What I am trying to say is " no matter how low you are feeling please don't feel so isolated and alone that you cannot carry on --- just pick up a phone and call a friend or leave a message on here" Sorry this was such a serious blog but it left such a big impression on me. Take care and keep well. Xx

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Such a sad waste of life, my thoughts go out to the family. In this day and age no one should be treat like this. We have to keep up the fight to be heard. x


It is tragic yes, and we all know what feeling low can be like - such a sad waste of life - but not to be offered help and/or support from the caring profession is also a state of affairs in todays life as well. Its so unfair all round - cutbacks everywhere, everyone in a rush, too much pressure and not enough caring - IBS can be debilitating and can bring you down. Such a sad, sad story.


Empathy seems to be a forgotten word by many paid to look after our health and wellbeing.

Such a very sad end for her


i feel much like her at present isolated i cant leave home without a carer, i need help toileting at times i need help to bathe i am 25 now been like this since last year jan/feb since 3rd miscarriage sick/tired all the time, ibs, fibro fog makes me feel stupid, sereve hip/back/leg/neck pains, ice cold hands/feet turn blue, the extreme tiredness stops me doing sooo much, i am so frickin weak.

i drink out of baby cups other cups too heavy and unsafe as wrists give way spill it everyway, legs give way i fall all the time, so i do wonder what is the point the pain is 24/7 not stopped since last feb - worsens at points.

:( so lonely so isolated gps dont get it i see a counsellor she helps but atm nothing is gonna help my low mood expect me.


Thinking of you and sending Gentle hugs your way x

Just come on here and get some support,or like Izzy said maybe call the Samaritans it is so hard to focus when you are in lots of pain. Do you have any gentle relaxing music to lay down and listen too,and maybe just drift away from the pain....not easy but worth a try x

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( HUGS TO YOU )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Rainbow x x x


Darlin you sound so low but by reachin out you will find things start to improve very slowly I know but gently your pain can be controlled by not just medication but also your brain you need to be so positive you will improve you need a mantra for when things are bad - I believe you van help yourself by sheer will power. The samaritans are brilliant they will listen and that really does make a difference. We are here too whenever you need us ! So try to beat this darlin you can go for it xgins


Bless you for sharing, Phlebo.

What a very tragic story. I have IBS and think I must have had it at infants school as I was always doubled up in pain. My dear grandmother, bless her, used to give me Allbran for breakfast to try to help, as that was what people did in the late 50's/60's!

My IBS wasn't diagnosed until I was about 27. It used to be called Spastic Colon in the 80's. I just live with it now and dose up on Imodium if necessary...which is quite often!

Yes, the pain can be diabolical and the wind is very embarrassing as are the awful loud gurgling sounds. I used to cringe at school when my tummy started singing away when everyone was sitting quietly. Now I am older I can make a joke of it but, when you are young, like the poor sad lady in your story it is a very embarrassing thing to live with.

My heart goes out to anyone who is suffering in any way on their own. As phlebo says, please share your thoughts/fears on here with us as the chances are someone will be able to empathise or at least sympathise.

I never had children. It wasn't meant to be but I am a very maternal person and I care about people and, now I am nearly 59, I feel a bit like a mother hen to young adults who are struggling through life. I never had it easy but I have come through so far!

Love and hugs to all who read this.

Saskia XX


Justlilme, I am so sorry to hear how poorly and isolated you feel.

I would like to tell you about my daughter, She has had Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since she was 8. She is now 33. She is a very bad case, she had her hips replaced at 20/21 and her knees replaced at 31/32 amongst the many things she has had associated with her JRA , she has had 3 heart attacks , thyroid removed , cataracts done, (both eyes) , etc etc.. the reason I am telling you is , many times she felt she could not go on, but even though life is a struggle every day, she has now become a Samaritan.

If you feel so low just talking to someone, like a Samaritan, does not solve your problems, but helps enourmously to get it off your chest.

The Samaritans are not there just for people that are suicidal ( as I thought) but for everyone,

so if you feel isolated and in despair , why not ring them and have a chat.They do not mind how often you telephone them, day or night.

Much love to you .



It is sad that health care professionals can be so uncaring and lack understanding. I too have IBS and it can be debilitating. Like you justlilme I too have collapses that render my left side useless I walk with a stick and am in constant pain lose my balance regularly and suffer the dreaded 'fibro fog'. Last week I reached rock bottom and rang mental health crisis line. The lady was very nice if a little patronising and told me to have a sofa day and watch Jeremy Kyle and Loose women because that's what she would do if she was me! It puts you off asking for help


Such a sad story that this young lady felt she could no longer live with her condition......Where was the help and support for her????

Our own doctors and Gp's are so over worked and limited in time to spend with patients and most don't listen to patient concerns.

Long term illness can take its toll physical and mental stress and sometimes we feel no one is there to support our needs.

And now off course the added burden and stress of this new welfare reforms. Form filling, Medical assessments with ATOS and the appealing procedures just to gain limited benefits.

It has been reported that ill and venrable people have taken their lives due to the stress of this reforms.....

Find support, Ask for help from your doctor, And as lzzy 51 said the Samaritans a service that do listen to your concerns. And of course forums like this one, Wonderful people sharing our concerns with each other.

Just helping, talking,sharing ideas all support everyone........


How utterly tragic... and so understandable... there have been times when it has been so bad for me, that if it wasn't for my wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children.... I would have gone down this route also.... when these bouts occur... they used to be daily but since I take cocodamol for my back pain & Tramadol for fibro (along with other meds) that I only have 1 or 2 days a month like they used to be.... sat on the loo for hours!! literally til my legs have gone numb.... that my daughter quipped "Hey mum, its a good job we have 2 loos in this house!" I know she was only joking and to get thru conditions that various members of my family have, I have a son with very bad asthma, my darling husband who suffers from debilitating migraines and also has thyroid conditions (like me) we try to keep the humour going and most of the time it works.... Thank goodness for my dear friends online, on the phone and the ones that visit me when they can... I feel so much empathy for this poor girl and her family.... I agree, keep talking and keep in touch with friends who understand too.... sending you all love




How very sad for this poor soul to feel there was no more help for her..there but forthe grace of god go I..some days and week's it seems like the pain frustration and helplessnes of it allbecome all consuming. I have many health conditions to cope withand some times I just think what is the point in going on I try always to be positive not complain and just accept life as it is, but when these unsympathetic Dr's medical asseors and other health proffesionals disbelieve you or just give up because they dont know what else to do with makes it challenging to stay in this lonely isolated planet..but I do under why this poor unfortunate soul chose to is thanks to the support and help from everyone on this wonderful site that keeps me going so I thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx ? luv ya all.


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