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How accident prone does Fibro make you?


I was happily sitting here answering blogs when I developed heartburn. So I gingerly rose up from my chair to get a piece of dry bread, hubby had put it on the top shelf, so I had to stand on the chair to get it. I did that okay apart from standing on the dogs tail on the way down. Eating the dry bread gave me hiccups so I poured myself some milk. As I picked the glass up I hiccupped hard which sent a sharp shooting pain through my ribs, a burning pain into my left shoulder and my arm flew up. So now we have milk all over the worktops(which hubby lovingly washed down after tea), under the microwave and all over me. So I was wondering, before I go and get changed what sort of accidents have you had that are down to your fibro pain? WIll check in once I recover from my milk shower lol xxxxx

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What accidents, doing my morning shuffle went flying across the bedroom missing my husband and the bed and broke 2 ribs on the radiator as I bounced off I took a double plug socket off the wall on the way down. My arms and legs are always covered in bruises as I misjudge doorways and usuually walk into them before going through.

I know what you mean about those sorts of accidents. I had one where I lost my balance, grabbed for the door handle and totally missed. I ended up with a bruise that went right around my arm and was four inches deep. My last bad accident was when I broke my foot. I often wonder where all the cuts and bruises comes from. I often wake after only one or two hours sleep with bruises on my arms, which normally means my body has lost control and I have bashed my arms on the bedsider. So annoying. I how you recover from that soon. It would not be so bad if we landed on something soft like the hubby or the bed xxxxxx

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I'm sorry VG and Ozzygirl all i can see in my head is frank spencer hehehehe.

I tue have no space awareness and walk into things but what makes Paul laugh is i say sorry to the wall! I trip over thin air and once when i was fitted for a tendonitis brace for my hand, i went walking with Paul and my then 2 dogs but fell over and got my new brace muddy, my reaction was to sit their burst into tears and cry that now i looked like Collin from "The Brittas Empire" can't think of any other clumbsy accidents at mo xxx


My life with Fibro is one permanent accident, I fall upstairs constantly as I misjudge the stairs, I spill and knock everything over, I burn myself all the time on the oven, in the oven etc. I also drop everything, I break dozens of glasses, I stack the dishwater and break things, I put too many chilli seeds in our dinners because my sense of taste is shot so the family hit the roof literally with the heat of my meals lol! Hubby says I am a disaster waiting to happen and he's right! I constantly walk into doors and walls, I am black and blue. I stub my toes all the time because I don't look where I'm going and don't see what's in front of me!

The list is endless and there's so much more lol! ;) :P

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Sorry have to tell you of my chilli incident seeing as you mentioned them Liberty.

Paul had made a lovely meal of chilli just right in flavour and spicy heat but i had a cold so needed the spice to clear me, anyway Paul had put full jalepeno peppers in and he ate one and his mouth was on fire so he dared me to do it and being the dosey cow that i am and not being one to back away from a challenge i popped this harmless thing in my mouth and chewed!! What i didn't think about was my eustation tube was inflamed from cold and ended up with the burning pain going from my mouth up into my ear. Thinking quickly i got bread and shoved it in .... no good so got a glass of milk and downed it ... no good, by this point i was in tears in agony and then an idea struck me why not put the milk in my ear so i put some in a jug and put it in my i may have looked like an idiot as all of this happened in about 60 seconds and i was flayling my arms about but it worked and my ear pain ceased. Expecting sympaethy i turn round to see Phoebe looking completly bewildered but half laughing and my beloved understanding Paul crying with laughter so much he got a stich.................................

I really should grow up lol ;)

I should have bought coffee colour rugs, bedding and clothes. Stub my toes so much they are terrified every time i go into the bathroom (main area of stubbing and stumbling). stumble, bur, fall.

I made a curry so hot last week that even a full tin of coconut milk would not calm down a portion!

Maybe the fibro medical should be based on how foggy and clumsy we become!

Only 5 mins ago I broke a new flask, coffee all over the rug/floor. Roll on tomorrow...

Very!!! although none quite so serious as some comments above but living alone(as good as) then l just have to be extra careful, but am always dropping things,knocking over things,tripping up and stubbing toes as well as banging head on things l know are there but as another spacial awareness.l find it very frustrating as l always seem to be having to pick up yet another something from the floor which does my backache no good at all as l cannot always bend at the knees, and god help me if l drop as much as a teaspoon and it lands on my foot!!!!oh the agony!!!!

so its not just me who bangs into doors, trips up over thin air and spills more of my coffee than i actually drink!!! just now went to sit down, missed the sofa and now have lovely backache from a bruised coccyxx!!! if i didnt laugh at how clumsy i can be i'd cry! xx


How awful, i'v been laughing my head off at these comments.........sorry. Its not funny because it hurts. I have fallen down the stairs, banged into doors, banged my head, walked into things, fell out the car cos I forgot to undo seat belt, walked into a lamp post, tripped over my own feet but worst of all is every time I have a drink, I bang my teeth with the mug! It doesn't sound much but jesus it hurts!

I never use to be clumsy and now I have slowed down somewhat, its safer! Ahhh bless you all x

I am so glad I am not alone in all my clumsiness lol xxxxx

I told Social Services lady recently that I sometimes wish that I was being filmed, because no-one could believe quite how clumsy I am. If I drop something once, I'll drop it several more times before it'safely back where it belongs. My worse disasters though are on my mobility scooter. My brain tells me to do one thing & my hand does the opposite. I once ended up embedded in the stack of trolleys outside Lidl because I went forward FAST, when I intended reversing slowly! And yes, ditto to the spacial awareness, I can walk into anything, except open spaces! I need a government health warning!

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I am thinking we all need a health warning label attached to us lol xxxxx

I have been accident prone all my life and just called clumsy when I was young. However I have read that you are born with fibro in you and when I was diagnosed all my life made sense to a certain point lol

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I have never read that you are born with it but I am thinking it would make total sense xxxxx

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